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Is it respectful to have ludicrous conspiracies about 9/11?


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Why would it be bad if we are trying to find the truth we need conspiracy's even dumb ones not all "foolish" conspiracy's are false

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Didn't watch the linked video, but if they truly believe the conspiracy theories than it's not particularly disrespectful, even if the theories are false. I would never say anybody is disrespectful for believing something, even if it was entirely ridiculous, because they can't help it.

I do not want to debate about whether there was a conspiracy or not, I know very little about 9/11.

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As long as there is objective evidence to support the suggested conspiracy, it would be disrespectful not to pursue the evidence. After all, if evidence doesn't line up with the official conclusion, then the official conclusion is wrong. That said, one must assure that the "evidence" isn't just false hearsay. There are certainly reasons to suspect that the official conclusion is not completely accurate, and when more than 2,900 lives lost, and a war which many people attempt to tie to the incidence (despite the open claim of GW Bush and his administration that they are not connected), the American people owe it to themselves to push for the whole truth.

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I don't believe it is entirely disrespectful. I think there comes a point through where the desire to claim conspiracy almost becomes desperation and the respect for the loss of life and rescuer's is shadowed by that compulsion to be right, even if they aren't.

I find it infinitely more disrespectful when people go around claiming the Sandy Hook Elementary shootings never actually occurred and the parent's mourning the loss of their babies are in on it.

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Having a conspiracy theory is not in and of itself disrespectful. Showing up at a funeral or a memorial trying to disrupt it and ranting about what really happened WOULD be disrespectful.

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As long as that theory doesn't trash/diminish the reputation and memory of those who lost their lives in the incident ("9/11 was really caused by the people in the towers sacrificing themselves to the dark lord of chaos Cthulhu", or something to that effect), then no it's not disrespectful.

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I don't think 9/11 was a conspiracy, but I don't know that it wasn't a conspiracy. False flag events are real. Some have been proven true, and some have been admitted by the government to be true. Sadly, this is reality.

(False flags that have been openly admitted to be false flags)--

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excon(3283) Disputed
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Hello bront:

It's true.. The CIA assassinated Kennedy, we never landed on the moon, the sniveling Sandy Hook parents were paid actors, the FBI bombed the World Trade Center and Hillary ran a child sex ring out of a New Jersey pizza parlor.

Did I miss some???


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Quantumhead(935) Disputed
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I don't think 9/11 was a conspiracy

But you are an insane, brainwashed idiot who believes in Jesus. 9/11 was the most obvious conspiracy in the history of the planet. There is so much evidence that it was a conspiracy it is simply staggering. The only thing more staggering in fact, is how Americans are prepared to ignore it and believe a fairy tale.

I mean, this point really can't be overstated. Americans are STUPID. Really, really stupid. Your own government sold you a conspiracy theory, and yet somehow convinced you that anybody who questions its sheer ridiculousness is a conspiracy theorist. You just simply cannot argue with stupidity that vast. I know because I've tried.

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Is it respectful to have ludicrous conspiracies about 9/11?

Go to school you retard. The burden of proof is on the liars who told you the WTC spontaneously imploded because of pancakes. Where precisely were you educated that you believe mockery is a form of evidence? Oh that's right. America. The only place in the world where you can combat a treasure chest full of evidence by pointing your finger and laughing.

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