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Is killing a cop ever justified?


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Killing anyone for any reason besides self defense (or defense of others)is wrong. The murder of a civilian is not a "lesser" murder then that of a cop (in my opinion) and the punishment for any and all murder should be death. I'm on this side because everyone is capable of killing, even a cop, so in a case of self defense, killing a cop is justifiable to me.

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Nebeling(1118) Disputed
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How do you reconcile this:

Killing anyone for any reason besides self defense is wrong.

with this:

punishment for any and all murder should be death.?

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Its easy, a persons life is their own, more then anything else in this world. It should be treated as the most important thing in existence. When a person kills out of maliciousness, they are unjustly taking the greatest of all possessions without justifiable cause. If a person commits murder they should be stripped of all life pleasures and possibilities (including the possibility of enlightenment), since they robbed another of the same. Death is the only way to punish murder.

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If that cop goes on a killing rampage I think it would be Justified to take him down.

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Sure, if they're trying to kill you or someone else.

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There are some wacko cops out there. I've heard stories of where cops have shot innocents civilians for little to no threats at all.

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