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Is racism slowly going away?

I think so.

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I don't think so.

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I think people are finally starting to come around and realizing that they should hate everyone equally.

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Yeah, I think so. I think some good evidence is the fact that white people don't own black people anymore...

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It would not be a talking point for the Progressive / Socialist and they need that divide to push their agenda !

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Are we talking about in my country? America?

If so, I would say that, sure, racism is better than it was 150 years ago, during the Civil War and when we had Slavery. And even a little better than it was back in the Civil Rights Era of the 1960s. During LBJ's "Great Society" platform.

But it still exists in the USA. And I think it has actually sort of gone backwards, i.e. gotten worse that it was up to the, oh, mid-1990's or so.

Wanna hear my theory as to why? OK. I will preface by admitting that it is a pretty controversial one. And may even on the surface seem to be a trivial and non-important reason. But rest assured I am by no means the only believer in this idea. I have read many social scientists who agree with it.

In short, the O.J. Trial. The absurd and amazingly divisive non-guilty verdict created a widening schism between blacks and whites in this country for at least a generation. I have not met a black who thinks OJ was guilty. Have you? How can this be? Do you really think all those blacks would deny his guilt with that same amount of evidence had it been, say, Tom Brady or, oh, better! Oscar Pistorius on trial?

Of course they would not. Ergo, it is a racist symptom. A tell.

So the Blacks, who unless they're truly ignorant, in reality know OJ was guilty, but refuse to acknowledge. Believing his slaughter of two innocent whites to be somehow justified. Perhaps as a "payback" to their entire race for all they perceive we have done to them.

Whites, meanwhile, post-OJ Trial, have adopted the mindset along the lines of, "Really? That's the way you want it? OJ innocent? Hmm..OK, well, we'll see what happens now, with all you guys cheering his acquittal. We'll see how those job opportunities go for ya form now on. And freedom from scrutiny and racial profiling in public."

LOL. Got "DWB" motor vehicle violations?

Of course, not of all of us, black AND white, think like this. But enough do, and have, that this HAS damaged racial relations in this country. And a clearly under-qualified Black POTUS whose deciding constituency was from young, largely ignorant-on-the-issues internet addicts and minorities did not help matters.

Racism is alive and well in America, it is just done on a more covert and passive-aggressive basis nowadays than it was 30 years ago. We still have a long way to go, and if it were not for OJ we would be a good 30 years ahead in this issue than we presently stand.

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As long as people are, well, people; they will find something to dislike others for. The color of one's skin, until we're all grey, will always be a handy topic for attack.

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