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Is religion man made

Do you think that at some point a God manifested himself to humans and told us what to think, or in the very beginning of it did we have to "create" religion in the same way that we "created" mathematics, or "discovered" mathematics, either way.


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Religion was indeed man made . Earliest man most likely used the concept of a god to explain what to people then was unexplainable as in natural Phenomena , thunder and lightening , eclipses , torrrential rains etc ,etc , the first person who used the god scenario to explain natural phenomena had instantaneous power as the assumption would be that this individual had access to god ; religion is just the natural extension

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Oh of course it is.

Ancient human societies all over the world independently had religions. The cultural and archeological evidence is quite clear that they did. And all those religions were dramatically different (forms of animism, weather, elements, humanoids, etc, but still varied from tribe to tribe and place to place). They didn't become standardized until civilization grew to a point where ideas could more easily spread around the world whether it be through travelers or communications or trade or conquest.

If indeed there was always one God and he has been along from the very beginning then he should either have never allowed thousands of different false gods to be conceived, OR, he should have used his omnipotence to make sure each of those places where false gods were about to be conceived were instead correctly adapted to the right God. He didn't, because he couldn't, because it didn't all come from one omnipotent dude, it came from humans trying to explain and understand the world they lived in.

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Yes, religion is man made. There have been thousands of religions from all different regions and time periods in recorded human history which are all mutually incompatible. Also, consider for a moment how good a book the Bible, Koran, or (insert Holy Text here) would be if it was inspired/authored by the Creator of the Universe. You would expect there to be quite a significant amount of sophisticated knowledge in there about the Universe we live in, the world we are apart of, and our human species. Instead what we find is that Scientific textbooks for example (which we know were written and inspired by humans) are so much more insightful and sophisticated than these ancient books which do not contain a single sentence in any of them that could not have been written by a person that lived in the century that the book was written. Thus, for this reason amongst many others, religions are certainly human-made.

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Yes, Progressivism is a manmade religion that rejects science. It tells us there are 50 genders, men should act like little girls, and that something can come from nothing like magic.

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Of course religion is man-made. Religion is man's attempt to earn the right to exist outside of the fire of Hell. Atheists think they have earned that right by declaring "I have no god-belief, therefore I do not deserve to die and cannot end up in Hell" or whatever double-talk they choose. People who believe in God and practice religion think that they can be good enough for God to owe them a pass so they don't have to be forever dying in the fire of Hell.

Atheists and agnostics are stinkingly religious, upholding their own corrupt minds as their own dying gods hoping to be exonerated in death....the hope of fools.

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Yes, religion is man-made. It is the attempt of man to convince himself by his thoughts or actions that he is justified to exist outside of the fire of Hell. It is based on what a person does.

Reality is that to be saved, it has to be thanks to what God did for us.

This is the difference between the faith of God in Jesus Christ and all religions in the world including atheism. Religions are based on what you do in order to feel you deserve to live outside of the fire of Hell forever. The faith of God is all about what He did for us in Jesus Christ.

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I agree that religion is a human invention. This is as much a strength as a weakness, an achievement as well as a blinding error.

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Sadly yes. I'd love to believe as I would find it a great comfort but it is this strong urge to believe that confirms to me that religion was probably man made. Life is easy with a magic person looking after you and your relatives being immorals.

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Atrag(5433) Clarified
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Immortals I meant.

Not immorals.

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Evolution is a man made theory by those who do not believe in God. There is STILL no first living cell and no knowledge of how that first cell maggically msytically came to life.

There is no scientific absolute proof to our beginning. There is no absolute proof to God.

What we have is millions of people who feel God in their hearts. They see the wisdom and truth in the words of their Christian faith. They see the wonderful results in their own families when lifting up the moral values found in their Christian faith.

Mathematicians have stated that it would be impossibe for all the events prophesised in the Old testment, to have come true as they did in the New testament.

Atheists basically have some fossils and random mutations to base the condition of their lives. They say things like man is programmed to spread his seed to as many women as possible to insure his genetics being passed on as with animals.


They have no moral foundations to guide them. They drift with the political correct times and the say so of Godless activists.

The Left wonders why all the social bandaids they apply to the immoral irresponsible promisucous lifestlyes, have no effect as we see our welfare roles swollen and continuing to grow.

They see the huge numbers of broken families, with children having no fathers or mothers at home.

They see more and more young people living together with no committments to their families.

Without God, there are no moral guidelines to try and live up to. It is a no fault anything goes culture because man can not even agree on the definition of morals, let alone what moral values should be lifted up.

Mankind without God is a very insecure people who hate it when others dare say that their lifestlyes are irresponsible and hurting our children.

The only answer the Godless have is more money being thrown at failing social programs. It does not end well as we are seeing with ever growing protests, hatred towards Conservatives or Christians who do not think as the Political correct Big Brother Collective.

When the social bandaids collapse from debt, we will see anarchy.

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daver(1771) Disputed
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Here's the thing FW

If there is a creator of all things, it's kinda far fetched to imagine that someone who created the entire universe, could possibly be inclined to need and demand that tiny insignificant creators like us should worship them or burn in hell for eternity.

Not very believable.

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FromWithin(6481) Disputed
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Here's the thing Daver,

It's kinda far fetched to be a thinking adult and believe our unbelievabe complex DNA just randomly mutated from a single cell.

It takes much more faith to believe the impossibility of that happening, than belief in God.

You are trying to explain your concept of what a God should think, and using Man's small intellect to try and understand him.

People don't go to hell because of not worshipping God. They do so because all men have sinned and deserve hell. You will repeat what most non believers say. You will say man is good without God.

It's funny the concept of goodness to mankind without God. In all their so called goodness, they have made it legal to kill viable babies for any reason up to birth.

It gets no lower than supporting the killing of our most innocent viable babies (with your vote for the Democrat Party who support no restriction abortions), for nothing more than convienence.

Special needs babies are executed for nothing more than being diverse and not as quote "normal" as these enlightened Atheists.

Europe is starting to brag saying they have almost eradicated Down Syndrome Special olympic babies from their nations.

Mankind without God definitely do deserve a Hell, becase there is not one good one out there. Christ died for our evils, and you have the choice to thank him for what he did for you, or not.

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NowASaint(1389) Disputed
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God created you because He wants you to have you eternal life, to show His own goodness, greatness, you all things good for life are turned against Him, so what do you expect other than to be left in Hell after rejecting His Son who died for you, paid in full with His innocent blood what you can never pay off?

If you were insignificant, Christ would not have come down from Heaven to take your place in death. He died for you even though you are against Him, there is no love so great as His love for you...He died for His enemies.

I will worship Him because He is worthy of my worship, He is my Creator, my Savior, and I will serve and praise Him forever enjoying all of the blessings of life forever. You can reject Him if you want to and see what you get...but you can't really see, can you?

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The title of your debate and the first question you ask in the OP are illogical. God gave you the freedom to think whatever you want to think. You are free to think that God is not good and you are as good or better than God, you are free to think that your existence outside of Hell is justified by your own beliefs or actions, you are free to think you have the right to live and do not deserve to are being religious and your religion is entirely man-made, pretending that you are your own god.

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