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Is religion the best way to control people?


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Best as in a good way? Or best as in most efficient?

I'm against people being controlled en-masse outside of essential laws for the function of society--even then the "morality" of such laws should not be something expected to be agreed on, only that a thinking majority sees need for them to ensure the most possible are treated with respect, dignity and have opportunity within a society.

As for its efficiency.

As stated on the other side any ideology has the potential to be controlling.

Religion looks to be the most efficient from my perspective given the numbers who've come to believe in one invisible unprovable highly unlikely supreme being or another out of hand and all throughout history done in the name of these fanciful characters.

There's something about the whole living forever, eternal heaven if you do, eternal hellfire if you don't or whatever mentallity that attracts the most fearful and illogical in our nature, and it is so easy to manipulate a group of people acting out of fear and without logic.

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Extremist ideologies can control people in anyway.

Religion is a good tool, but so is Marxism or Nazism.

Ideologies are tools, but we shouldn't just dismiss them for this reason.

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Absolutely not, people will find something they dislike about nearly every religion and that would, and does, lead to rebellion.

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Religion is a GOOD way of controlling people, though I wouldn't think it was the best way, the general way people are controlled nowadays is through politics (i.e a lot of the Middle East up until recently, Nazi's etc).

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I will admit I'm a Christian, but using that to control people? That would be wrong. You can't force everyone to believe a certain religion, as there will always be some people, or many people, who don't believe in that. If a government suddenly said "Everyone must be insert religion here", then it would cause outrage. So many people would go against it, that there would be no level of "control" left in the country. Letting people believe what they want would work a lot better.

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