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Is school useful?

Most of us have gone to school, but, is it really that useful? Think about it, how many times a day do you use ap calculus, Algebra, or even long division and multiplication. In the day of modern technology, we can find any of this information in the form of seconds. Now to use 16 years of your life, just to take tests on this information hundreds of times, just to forgot everything you were tested on one day later. Can you really call school, education? School, The definition of education, is to bring out. In school, they do not bring out, they force information in, to be forgotten within a day of the test. School simply shoves information in you, then you pop it out onto a test. You are taught to obey, not question what you are said to do. Not to talk back to anyone who is a higher power then you, like teachers. If you look at some of the most successful people, they never had much formal schooling, George Washington, Teddy Roosevelt, Albert Einstein. The creator of ford, IKEA. You might say I'm just picking and choosing out names, there are tons of people who have not had education, and ruined their lives. And while that is true, do you think that if they were put in a job, they would work the same as everyone else. Now while you say that you use everything in school in a daily basis, you obviously don't. While dependent on the job you have, you might use advanced math, Certain science and physics, do you think that forcing, children who don't want to learn this information, and would rather learn something they are most interested in, is the way to make more scientists and engineers? And while of course, you need basic education, and you could also say that you might change the job you want, and might need the information that is given to you, Then why the fuck, are we tested, not taught to find the information. Because most of what you learn in school is a waste, when will you need (-b * 7x) + (4 * xb2) in a daily bases, When do you need to know that mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell at any moment of your life. Teaching these children, who will think that anything said is real, that there is only one way to be successful in life. To get a good education. There are a massive amounts of jobs, that you could get without a education: Professional gamer, game developer, YouTuber, any type of business and/or website owner, Comedian, musician, Officer, Professional sports player, artist. The list can go on. Yet, if you get a bad grade in Sports, or art. They would usually say that it's just not your thing. But if you fail in math, science, or history, then would instantly come to the conclusion that "You aren't trying hard enough." I've gotten straight A's and I've failed a lot of things, but I can tell you that anything i got A's or F's on I haven't used in most of my life, comparing that the average human lifespan is about 80 years old, you could say we waste about 1/4 of our life or more in this useless hell called school. Having a relationship in any grade besides 12th grade, (at least in my school) is banned. Does that make sense, making almost adults, have no decision of their entire life in school. You can't use the bathroom without asking permission, if you're even the minute late, then you are punished, doesn't matter the reason. Because if you even dare, to talk to a teacher in a way like a decent human being, having a reason, for your absence, or the reason you couldn't do something, is considered talking back, being disrespectful. Do you want to have your american human rights, well fuck that, you don't get them. Want the freedom of speech, freedom of privacy, well school says fuck you, write 3 more essays and go to detention. So I have to ask you, "What is school for?"
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School is not the best place to learn, just the easiest.

- - One of the problems people have with school, particularly the public school system, is that it presents (or pushes) a wide variety of information and skills that MOST people do not use ALL of. This is largely because, nobody really knows which skills each student will ultimately need.

For example, not everybody needs to use algebra to accomplish their goals in adult life, but some people do. It is impossible to look at an eighth grader and tell whether he/she will need algebra (or trigonometry or calculus) to accomplish their dreams or advance technology, so we teach it to all of them, just in case.

We teach all sorts of stuff to everybody just in case it provides options to life paths they want to follow.

- - This brings us to the problem that schools do not teach enough vocational skills that are oriented to more specific capabilities. If you do not want to go to college, then the modern public school curriculum does not help you much. There is almost never any training in auto mechanics, welding, construction, carpentry, or anything immediately transferable into being able to make a living.

The fact that school is all predicated on preparing students for university or trade schools is a serious problem. If after 13 years of free and appropriate education, all the students are qualified for is more school, then everybody wasted a lot of time.

- - One problem people have with the school system is the standardized testing.

These tests are designed to check whether students are successfully learning the curriculum, and the tests are generally effective at measuring that.

The real problem is that school districts do nothing useful with the results. They do not use them to guide instruction or determine whether students advance to the next grade or not.

The too-common result is teaching to the tests instead of developing the skills and capabilities the tests are meant to measure.