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Is science a threat to humanity?


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Science has greatly increased the capability of man to kill each other, literally threating humanity. Although science is not always the cause of wars the advances in nuclear weaponry have given the man the power to destroy the world. At certain points in history, such as the Cuban missile crisis, the world has stood on the brink of destruction.

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It is a threat because people destroy each other from bombs, and many other things that kill people. And then technology comes, people have their mobiles and they are using it everytime. No one is giving attention to their family, friends or any other person.

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Yes science is a threat to humanity because science caused such things which effect the human nature like science caused atom bombs , nuclear bombs and such weapons which affect or kill the human nature and science also caused factories and factory affect by its many bad gasses released by it and affects our ozone layer and environment

Thanks to see it guys

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Even if medical science is improved, viruses became improved, too.

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No, since there is no real definition to good humanity. I mean, living in ignorance and not having Godly powers... is that good?

I mean, we have the power to give a fish some monkey testicles for eyes. isn't that fuckin' awesome?

fuck humanity. if it's wrong to make testicle eyes on fish... then i don't want to be right.

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Look back in time a couple hundred years. Since then the quality and length of our life has increased significantly. If you live in a first world nation then you benefit from these advances the most. For example: when was the last time you went a day without being able to eat? How long does it take you to travel thousands of miles? How quickly can you research information on a computer? All of these great advancements are thanks to science.

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It is true that science has brought many great advancements. But because of these advancements humanity is ruined. The world is in corruption because of science. For example, the global warming which lead to the melting of Antarctica. Hacking and cracking of information. The invention of dangerous bombs like nuclear weapons and atomic bomb. The viruses and the diseases such as cancer and cardiovascular disease. These declines are started and caused by science and these type of situations will keep worsening by the minute as long as there is an existence called science.

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Science will save us in the future...

When we further develop in the future, space transportation would of already saved us before the sun dies off.

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Science is knowledge attained through studies and practice, and that Science itself coming from the Latin word "Scientia" which means "Knowledge". It is a double edged sword. It helps save and improve our lives through vaccines and modern day technology but it can also be abused and cause great harm for e.g. the atomic bomb, chemical warfare, war planes, environmental damage, etc. Science is just discovery of what the Earth has and sees how it can be applied to make our lives convenient. It is we use them. Like a knife. We can use it as cutlery and to prepare meals, or use it as a weapon and go on a rampage.

Science is not harming people, people are harming people. Take the gun, for example. If you summed up all the people who were killed by guns, it wouldn't even come close to the amount of people killed with rocks, sticks and bare hands before the invention of the gin. While it's true that the homicide rate is much lower in nations like Japan and England where gun control is practiced, the higher homicide rate in nations is a product of a proclaimed love affair with freedom as it is a result of high rates of gun ownership. At any rate, the sciences behind the development of the gun like chemistry, ballistics Metallurgy, and basic physics were produced strictly as beneficial technologies.

Precautions taken due to science only occur when it falls into the hands of people who want to exploit it without understanding it, especially politicians and religious leaders. To most people technology produced through science is judged by whether something works or it doesn't. A deeper understanding of science often goes hand in hand with a deeper understanding of the greater good. Some people who are more interested in power than what is right view science as a mysterious tool that they can employ without understanding. All they want to know is that it works not how it works. Al Qaida says that "Allah is great," but they don't rely on Allah to kill their enemies, they rely on technology they don't understand and don't want to understand. George Bush is another example of someone who does not understand science and does not want to understand science like he Misused Air Force One for RNC Events, and yet he is perfectly happy to use technology, produced by science to do, "God's will" in Iraq. That makes one wonder whether it is science that is a threat or whether it is humans themselves that are a threat to humanity.

The same explosive that is used to cut a road through the mountains to bring goods and services to isolated villages can also be used to make a bomb to kill people. The same electricity that powers an MRI machine also powers the electric chair on death row. There are obviously pros and cons to the development of science and technology but does that mean we overlook the benefits because the negatives are unacceptable in the eyes of humanity? How will be ever hope to contact other inhabitants in outer space? How will we ever find a cure to cancer? How will we ever develop an alternative energy source if we decide that science is a threat to humanity?

Science has greatly increased the ability of people to communicate. Telephones and email enable people on opposite sides of the world to stay in touch where before they would have had no possible way to do so. The Internet allows people access to unlimited information. Anything from sports scores to your online report card. Any study of pre-industrial society will show that computer games appear to have taken the place previously held by violence.

Another plus point of modern telecommunication devices is that we can help people whenever, wherever and however we’d like. If a natural disaster occurs in a country, it will be all over the news, social networking sites because we as the public want to know what is going on in the world. We can then help aid and cure those in need and those that are stranded. 50 years ago this was not available. If a nation was struck down by a tsunami then its every man for himself because no one out there has any knowledge of what’s happening therefore how can one come to rescue? Nowadays we can all make small donations and it will all fly to the people who need it. From medicine and food to teddy bears and inspirational cards.

Medicine is one of the best types of scientific development. In the past Cholera or the Plague were classified as epidemics by doctors. Towns after towns would suffer from pain and illness. Nowadays it’s a common disease that one could recover within short period of time whereas before it was as serious as we consider Cancer today. In the past life expectancy for most people were 54! Whereas nowadays it goes up to 84 years in some areas. Modern medicines have more than doubled our life expectancy, and enabled children to be vaccinated against diseases which beforehand had ensured a massive rate of infant mortality. I for one do not want to live in a place where anesthesia has still not been invented.

Reason why science is threatening to humanity is because humanity itself has conjured up ways to apply science destructively with or without intention. If we blame science generally, we are merely saying that everyone is a threat to humanity just by existing.

Science is a tool and there will always be some that will misuse it. If you would rather be sitting in a cave right now banging rocks on wood and thinking about going out and hunting down prey for your dinner, so be it. You cannot blame science, any more than you can blame a gun for shooting someone. If science is truly a threat, will getting rid of science do man any good?

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