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Is science and religion opposite in nature and disprove one or the other?

Of course there will exist a vital conflict between the ideas of both religion and science. Does one cross paths with the other and ultimately interfere in its beliefs, ideas, and validity. Or, are they separate by nature, should not be mixed, and do not disprove each other whatsoever. If you chose this, you should believe that an intellectual can believe in religion as well.

They disprove one or the other

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They do not

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Science is based on empiricism, and cannot disprove religion .

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Illogical and logical don't work together. Illogical cannot disprove logical. Logical disproves illogical.

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Neither can dispute the other with irrefutable proof.

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Are you saying illogical can disprove logical?

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Well technically if you think about it, Do we really KNOW anything in Science? How many things in science can we DEFINITIVELY prove? I mean we can theorize and speculate, but can we can't definitively prove it. We can adhere to a set of theory's that seems the most likely and probably, but that is about it.

Same thing goes for Religion. You can't PROVE it. You are just believing on faith something to be true.

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Well what religion doesn't really have is tangible material. Scientific theories can't really be proved, I agree with you on that, but they can be demonstrated through logical reasoning. But yes, after all, how can we be so sure

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I don't think they do actually. I think that some great scientists have worked on this, on theology and have explained the fact that they don't. Most of them were mathematicians, and theologists at the same time, the one I know most of is Blaise Pascal. He tried to write the Apologie de la foi chrétienne but could not finish it, we have les Pensées though, the "Thoughts", which are a bunch of essays he wrote before he died. He thinks men are endowed with reason, with logic, but that at some point, they're supposed to open up their heart and find God and the Truth. He thinks that those thoughts are the ones which define our humanity and that a man without a thought would be a stone or a bully.

Science is amazing and has truly questioned the existence of religion over the years, but I don't think it has the power religion can have, the divine promise of an afterlife, of happiness, of blessing. And I think that logical / illogical opposition is quite groundless.

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I think Science and Religion can get along with each other and both can learn from each other.

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