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Is the Cosmological Argument valid?

Google Web Definitions:

 Valid - (of an argument or point) having a sound basis in logic or fact; reasonable or cogent.

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Here is the general sum of the cosmological argument:

1. Whatever begins to exist has a cause.

2. The Universe began to exist.

3. Therefore, the Universe had a cause.

Yes, this is perfectly valid. Same way this is valid.

1. All Pop-Tarts are tasty.

2. Apples are tasty.

3. Apples are Pop-Tarts.

This is valid, but the premises aren't true. This argument wouldn't be sound. So returning to the cosmological argument...premise 2 may stop some people. Since we don't know if the universe truly began or merely always was. We just accept the notion that it may have been created. I probably was. I have no clue.

In conclusion, yes. The cosmological argument is valid, but may not be particularly sound.

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Idiotobx914(1341) Clarified
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Sorry for an confusion, but I mean valid as in having a sound basis in logic or fact. For you argument, can you explain how the information is valid?

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anonymousdeb(61) Clarified
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Your second argument is not valid, because Pop-Tarts and apples could be distinct subsets of tasty items.

1. All odd integers are rational.

2. Even integers are rational.

3. Odd integers are even. :O

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The argument:

P1: Whatever begins to exist had a cause

P2: The universe began to exist

C: Therefore the universe had a cause

P2: Is based on an assumption that is yet to attain validity.

All ideas about a beginning to the universe remain theory with little else to support them.

Therefore the argument, needing both P1 + P2 to reach C is not logically valid

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anonymousdeb(61) Disputed
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It is "valid", as another user has pointed out, which is not the same thing as it is "sound".

Valid: Given P1 and P2, C must be true.

Sound: Since P1 and P2 are true, C is true.

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