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Is the Democrat party the party for ugly women?

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I was going to search the entire Internet and come up with an intelligent debate but... I got nothing ;)

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wolfbite(428) Disputed
2 points

Most of those are either bad pictures, pictures of old people, or not really Democrats.

Clinton, Garofalo, and Obama are somewhat attractive despite being democrats but unfortunately their giant egos make them seem a lot uglier.

Streisand and Estrich were attractive when they were younger.

Steward is a far leftist radical, Dworkin was an anarchist, and Pelosi is a piece of shit. None of those women are the average Democrat but can be either found at the far end of the party or just flat out too radical for the party.

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Well..., then compile your own list of Dems. Here, I'll help you get started.


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Kinda(1640) Disputed
1 point

Michelle Walkin and Michelle Bachman??


Just for that I'd have to say democrats are better.

| Side: nooooo

Are any of the Dems better than the two you mentioned? And doesn't Carrie Prejean make up for it? ;)

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3 points

Well, women in politics in general is not really something that I'm popular with (when it comes to opinions). Usually I just see women voting either Democrat or Republican for the wrong reasons. In fact, I don't think I've ever had an intellectual discussion about politics with a girl IRL.

But when it comes to which party has more attractive women, I would say that Democrats are MORE LIKELY to have ugly chicks since they appeal more to the feminazi movement. Let's face it; ugly chicks can't get their way like pretty chicks can so they complain about how women are treated in society, and since Republicans are against political correctness they're really seen as the enemy.

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ledhead818(631) Disputed
2 points

You are so incredibly immature and misguided it's shocking. You lack the ability to not view the world in absolutist terms. Because you have little experience you base your worldview on generalizations and popular stereotypes and misconceptions. For your sake I hope you are a teenager because if you are then at least there is hope for you to grow up someday.

| Side: nooooo
ThePyg(6753) Disputed
3 points

a lame attempt at not acknowledging what i said. "LOL, YOUS BE A TEENAGER AND HAS THE NO EXPERIENCE!!1SEVEN"

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2 points

Okay for the record Ann Coulter scares me. I don't care where on the political spectrum she is. She's not bad looking shes just ..scary. ((;

Anyways, those where bad pictures but even without the unfair comparison, the majority of republican women tend to be better looking.

and how bout that Angie Harmon!

I have a thing for brunets with brown eyes.

The View is another good example.

Also, another thing I noticed republican women are usually way nicer and less grouchy.

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Adam(2) Disputed
1 point

Democrat women are good-looking too. Don't ever dare make fun of me for this.

| Side: nooooo

OK, prove it. Post one picture of a good-looking democrat woman. :)

| Side: Oh Yeah

OK, so you found one... ONE!!! Besides, the poor kid is misguided. Give her time and she too will come over to the dark side... bwuaahaha ;)

BTW, you're an Obama girl, why didn't you post a picture of yourself?

BTW, I up voted for all the hard research you did in finding that one ;)

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Pineapple(1444) Disputed
1 point

Because the last thing I need right now is a creepy old guy stalking me.

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ThePyg(6753) Disputed
2 points

The exception to the rule does not define the rule.


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wforcier(97) Disputed
2 points

Actually, it kind of does. The rule is that the Democrat Party is the party for ugly women. However, Pineapple provided an exception. This proves the rule to be false.

An exception to a rule disproves it.

| Side: nooooo
1 point

to be fair you should make a debate like this about men


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Sulith(507) Disputed
1 point

OMFG you found one!

haha to bad

Most women that are Libertarian/Republican/conservative basically the right, are hot chicks that know how to use guns O.o

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1 point

I agree that it is for ugly women everyone has to have a job ugly or not

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1 point

This is coming from a real-thinking man.

I know pletty of Democrat women that are pretty. Nancy Pelosi (that's not a typo) and Hillary Clinton are two examples. (No, I don't like Obama).

| Side: nooooo

From Yes We Can:


Scarlett Johansson

Kate Walsh

Tatyana Ali

Aisha Tyler

Maya Rubin


Nicole Scherzinger

Taryn Manning

Amber Valletta

Kelly Hu

Sarah Wright


Tracee Ellis Ross

Vera Farmiga

Yes We Can

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JakeJ(3232) Disputed
1 point

Hollywood doesn't count!

You gotta be liberal if you wanna make it. At least if you're young.

| Side: Oh Yeah
0 points

Angie Harmon and Janine Turner?


| Side: nooooo
wolfbite(428) Disputed
0 points

Those are not really prominent Democratic figures though. A lot of those people in that video are really nothing more then ignorant, radical Hollywooder's who only call themselves Democrats because it is the cool thing to do.

| Side: nooooo
0 points

Sorry, but neither is Elisabeth Hasselbeck. Or Carrie Prejean, for that matter.


| Side: nooooo
0 points

No, all the idiotoc hollywood morons are liberal, so that would be a noo

| Side: nooooo

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