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Yes, it is crap. No, it has good info.
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Is the Huffington Post a good site or propaganda?

Every time I go to this site I get the impression that these people honestly believe that Obama is a god and can do no wrong while anyone who is involved with the Republicans is the Anti-Christ and is out to destroy America.

Yes, it is crap.

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No, it has good info.

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I'd say both. It's good when you're looking for intelligent discussion about hot-button issues, but I'll be damned if I click on ONE MORE LINK about Dick Cheney, Sarah Palin, or Rush Limbaugh.

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On the one hand yes, when you read HuffPo, you are getting a view that is obviously bias. Objectivity is rarely their priority.

On the other hand they do often have good information. For example their coverage of the Iranian election protests was excellent.

So I guess if you go there with the understanding of what the Huffington Post is (a blog written by people whose views can best be described as liberal), then you should be okay.

Side: No, it has good info.

You need a disclaimer that says that you have liberal tendencies and hold some liberal views. In other words, your argument would hold more water if you were a conservative ;)

BTW, I hope you realize, I'm just tugging your chain ;)

Side: No, it has good info.

It is now 2015 and I rely on The Huffington Post for the latest news because this website is speedy on displaying the latest news and I find the website to be a reliable source of information.

Side: No, it has good info.