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She scares me No, I can relate
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Is the Progressive car insurance girl a little too intense?

She scares me

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No, I can relate

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Like all Progressives, she's..... well....., aggressive..... but she does have a tricked out name tag so... ;)

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Yes. And shes on nearly all the ads here on CD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Side: She scares me
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She's definitely a bit creepy. No sane person should be that excited about car insurance.

Side: She scares me
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yeah she is.....................creepy, whatever it might be .........but its fine

Side: She scares me
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Actually, I've been known to act just as crazy as her, if not crazier than her. haha. And I enjoy it too!

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She doesn't scare me, but she's a little pushy. But what salesperson isn't? I think she comes off mostly funny because I can act just as lame as her sometimes and it's like a comedy show in my head. If that makes any sense. :-)

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I can't get it to play!!!! WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Side: No, I can relate

It's just a picture. It's not a video. But I'm sure you've seen the commercials so....

Side: No, I can relate

No sweetie, I haven't, but that's ok. I can usually relate to most things, lol.

Side: No, I can relate