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Yes, they need a new plan. No, the values still stand.
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Is the Republican Party "outdated"?

'Overwhelmingly white, rural and aged'?

"Republican Party Seen As Increasingly Out-Dated, In Its Worst Shape Since Rise Of The Conservative Coalition"

"As reflected in Tuesday’s results and exit polls, it’s a party that is overwhelmingly white, rural and aged in a country that is rapidly becoming racially mixed, suburban and dominated by a post-baby boomer generation with no memory of Vietnam or the familiar culture wars of the past. "

"All concede that the party’s once pristine brand name has been tarnished during the Bush era. "

"Beyond demography, the party is now, thanks to the outgoing president and some members of Congress, perceived by many voters as either incompetent, corrupt, or just not standing for much. "

Yes, they need a new plan.

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No, the values still stand.

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The problem with the Republican Party is that they have become synonymous with two things: Cronyism, and fanatical religion. This is, obviously, thanks to bush.

I believe both of these issues display the same problem, and that is blindly making decisions based upon preexisting beliefs, regardless of any new occurrences/information that may have materialized.

One example of this would be Bush's veto of embryonic stem cell research. Bush had not vetoed a bill in his entire presidency, but he chose to impose his personal religious beliefs on something that a majority of the country supported. Whatever happened to "Separation of Church and State"?

The problem here is that if you can't trust a party to think logically, you can't trust the party. Yes, each party has stances on issues, but it's the great presidents that are able to compromise in order to accomplish what they deem is in the best interest of the COUNTRY, not their particular affiliation's most extreme, unyielding interests.

Side: Yes, they need a new plan.
JakeJ(3255) Disputed
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How do you know that the majority of the country suppots embryonic stem cell research?

Side: No, the values still stand.
orangepeel(188) Disputed
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That's not necessarily true. 'Logically' differs depending on the sort of person you are. I don't support stem cell research because of religious beliefs, but also because that even from a non-religious viewpoint, the argument against it still wins. The thing that really gets me about a lot of liberals (not all) is that they were so against the war in Iraq and yet pro abortion and stem cell research. contradiction much?

Side: No, the values still stand.

The GOP is jaded. The Party still lives in the past. The Party needs to change.

Side: Yes, they need a new plan.
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Well, Republican party (it's original cause) is not outdated. as times change, social issues and beliefs change. In this time, where there's sex, violence, and vulgor humor everywhere, the Republicans are the one who decided to take a stance on it. although, as we see over the years, Democrats have had just as much a hand in censoring our culture as Republicans have. really, now, the only issue is on whether children should read a story book about a gay couple.

It seems that Democrat or Republican, the politicians tend to be Conservative. Hell, Obama is against gay marriage but wants to leave it to State's rights, while McCain wanted to give benefits to gay couples, just not name them married. Both are conservative views on the issues, and one man is considered very liberal while the other is considered Center Right.

The key point on the Republicans is small government but stronger military. Also the American system (what it was called back in the old days). If people really find Capitalism and advanced weaponry outdated... i'm afraid of what country they would like America to be. I mean, i understand the Democratic view on regulating the market more, but Capitalism is still a must... at least, IMO... and trust me, that's not outdated (Lulz, i would be a Republican if all this social crap didn't get in the way).

Side: No, the values still stand.
iamdavidh(4856) Disputed
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The problem with the current GOP, is they have nothing to do with small government, at all. This is the biggest government has ever been, and that has everything to do with Bush.

They are also for the free market, but only if it is big company free market and their buddies are the ones benefiting. The entire party is absolutely rampant with special interest influence, way way more so than the Democratic party.

Not for any ideological reason though, but because they have had practically all the power for a very long time now.

They pay lip-service to the ideas that Republicans once stood for, and many like yourself and Inkwell and Republican08 (though I would never compare either of you to that dude, you and inkwell actually have well thought out opinions) fall right in line, not seeing the deception, like the Piper leading rats to the sea.

A shining example - while Republicans have the Christian right firmly bound and chained in their collective pocket, which party has had all the un-christian scandals surface over the last couple of years? It's lip service. All of it. Bush and Cheney and other Republicans are laughing their asses off all the way to the bank, I promise, while the people pay.

The Republican party needed this. They will either take the hint and straighten up, or go the way of the Federalists.

Side: Yes, they need a new plan.
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No, the Republican party is not outdated. Allot of the news and media would like you to think that it is, so that maybe it eventually will be but the answer is no.

The values of the republican party are the values that this country was founded on, conservative values that is. If you don't know that you don't know your history.

Side: No, the values still stand.
Tamisan(890) Disputed
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Actually the revolutionary fathers of America were progressive--even liberal--for their era. Both English and French governments found American philosophers repugnant due to their extreme forward-thinking.

I agree that one interpretation of the values of our founders is embedded in the intent of the Republican party, but do they embody those ideals or merely chant them?

Side: Yes, they need a new plan.
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Not at all, the problem comes with politicians that say they are Republician just to get elected and act differently once elected. Most will be weeded out sooner rather than later.

Side: No, the values still stand.