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Is the internet making children lazier?


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Probably.... I know it's caused me sit on my ass a lot and drink so... yeah, it probably makes kids lazier. But, on the bright side, it keeps them off the streets and out of my sight.

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I do not agree with Ismaila, because most people do not research or learn. They use it for gaming and such. In fact,you people shouldn't be here,get off your butts and get on the treadmill. Thats what im doing.

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Yes remember when we were kids ... we would play outside .. and now today, all kids do is sit in front or a screen all day.. Even I take a break from the internet...

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Yes it is in ways it best to be on it an hour no more then take a break and do some cleaning or something around the house.

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The Internet is providing wide venues of education for them. They can get lots of information on any subject matter.

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The internet makes it possible to learn in one hour what used to take one year.

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