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Manchurian President Trump collusion ?
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Is the meeting between Kim Jon-Un and Trump planned by Putin?

You'd be surprise what Putin can do to destroy America and Democracy. 

Manchurian President Trump

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collusion ?

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South Korea says sanctions have put the clamp on Kim and he'll be broke by October. He probably doesn't want to wait until then because he'd be the slave laborer or his people would kill him for killing their families and/imprisoning them. The military is all that is between him and a public execution. If they disappear, he disappears.

As for Putin. Yes, he magically leap frogged China, snuck into North Korea as a white man unnoticed and gave Kim the immortality codes to Contra Super C.

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I agree with you on S.K., and I don't think Kim is in a good place, he's probably intentionally starving his people so they can't really rise against him.

Hey, the Contra cheats where awesome.

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I'm not sure what is going on, tbh. It does seem extraordinarily strange that a matter of weeks ago these two were threatening each other with nuclear war.

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