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Is the modern day feminist movement similar to the KKK?

After having an argument with a feminist I realized that a lot of her arguments sounded similar to something a KKK member would say.

For example, this is a statement she made:

"A lot of today's problems are due to men and their patriarchal society, had it not been for their oppressive society we would be a lot better off because men are the main problem hurting this country...(later in the agrument) it is the fault of men that we make less money."

Now, replace the words "men" and "patriarchal" with "black people" and it sounds like something a KKK member would say.

Both movements consider themselves to be victims of oppression and feel some sort of hatred towards another group with really no justified reason. Both rationalize to the point where their arguments make no sense and use statistics that have some sort of correlation but no causation. Both target the young, less intelligent, and outcast members of society to become their followers. So, they might be one different ends of the political spectrum but they work in similar fashion.

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They are obsessive about their cause. They believe their cause to be righteous. The only difference is the cause.

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The KKK claims they don't hate blacks but it's obvious that they do. Feminists claim they don't hate men but it's obvious that they do.

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Feminists were rumored to have burned their bras (they did not).

The KKK are proven to have burned crosses in front of black churches, homes and businesses.

Ya, that seems pretty similar.

The KKK is guilty of lynching black people.

Feminists are guilty of hyperbole.

Close enough.

True feminists seek the liberation of all genders.

The KKK seek the oppression of black people.

Well, I'm not sure about this, but what the hell -- similar.

"Now, replace the words "men" and "patriarchal" with "black people" and it sounds like something a KKK member would say."

Sure, just like that quote from that KKK man illustrates... You did provide a quote, right? To, like, prove this point?

Oh, crap, never-mind. Hang the fucking bitches.

As Yoko Ono said, "Women is the Nigger of the World"

Niggers of the World
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The feminist movement is non-violent and is educating people about women still not getting equal pay.

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Wow, the argument of the poster of this question is so, so flawed.

The government of this country is almost entirely male. Most world leaders [95%+] are male. This despite that females are about 50% of the population. Women are paid much less than men for the same amount of work, as supported by every scientific study conducted in the past few decades. The literacy rate of women is much lower in many countries, cause they are denied a real education and relegated to home making. The opinion of the poster that discrimination is 'perceived' seems to be a case of White, Straight, Christian, Male persecution complex. [Or just Male, as the case may be. ] The reality of the situation, shown everywhere from the Senate to America's boardrooms, be damned!

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wolfbite(432) Disputed
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This right here is the problem with the modern day feminist, y'all see a statistic that favors the male race and immediately assume that the cause must be that men are sexist. It never seems to occur to them that perhaps women in general just don't give a damn about certain occupations and therefore those occupations are male dominated.

By looking at those statistics about wages it looks like sexism, but just because there is a correlation does not mean there is a causation. There are many other variables that those graphs do not show such as location, hours worked per week, or how ambitious someone is towards getting a promotion to make more money. But feminist ignore those and instead take them at face value in order to make themselves look like victims.

I'll agree that the less developed countries are sexists due to religious reasons, but here in America it feels as if the feminist movement has gone from being pro-women to simply anti-man.

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Saffron(94) Disputed
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First of all, I'm a guy. I simply believe that for the most part gender is in insignificant social divide.

In any case, that may very well be true, if it wasn't for the fact that over time female participation in politics has increased drastically. This would seem to correlate with an increase in their ability to participate, no an increase in the want to participate. Furthermore, when a group of people have been at one time denied the right to even cast a vote -- institutional discrimination is at work, and it isn't on the part of the women not wanting to participate.

Something that may both prove some of your point, as well as disprove it; Women are now, in many western countries, actually participating in universities and the electorate at greater numbers than men. So your 'Women WANT to work in the home' argument is flawed, as when given the chance they have jumped at it.

On the statistics part, it's called equal pay for equal work for a reason. When averaged doing the EXACT same work under the EXACT same specifications, I have yet to see a study say women were paid equal with men.

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Hadrian(483) Disputed
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"y'all see a statistic that favors the male race"

I've never seen a "male race"...except at the Olympics. Did you mean the "male gender" perhaps?

That's OK, lots of people in the KKK are uneducated. They'd never notice.

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EricM(18) Disputed
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Feminism is needed in countries such as Islamic theocracies. However, in the west, women have more legal rights than men and boys and men suffer greatly under feminism's influence.

How do you expect women to comprise 50% of the elected if very few women bother to run for office? Yet, the majority of voters are female.

Women choose to work less, work less dangerous jobs, work fewer hours, commute less, travel for work less, and take 50% more sick time than men. They also choose to work less in business and engineering.

Women very seldom are willing to work decent paying jobs such as plumbers, electricians, roofers, mechanics, sewer technicians and similar jobs. Instead, they are more likely to choose to be receptionists, nail technicians, house cleaners, women's shelter volunteers and similar jobs that skew the statistics, making it seem as if discrimination is rampant. It's not.

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