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 Is there something physically wrong with Trump? (14)

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Is there something physically wrong with Trump?

In light of the sad news about John McCain, I wanted to look back a few months to a senate hearing in which McCain asked the question:

"I think that the American people have a whole lot of questions out there, particularly since you just emphasized the role that Russia played. And obviously, [Clinton] was a candidate for president at the time. So she was clearly involved in this whole situation where fake news, as you just described it, "big deal," took place. You're going to have to help me out here. In other words, we're complete—the investigation of anything that former Secretary Clinton had to do with a campaign is over and we don't have to worry about it anymore?"

At the time, everyone mocked McCain a little for making no sense, and asking a non-nonsensical question. Now, it raises the question of whether this was a symptom of an underlying health condition.

It has been shown previously that the speech patterns of Reagan (who later died of Alzheimer's) had deteriorated over his presidency (showing indications of dementia before diagnosis) :

It's also clear to anyone who has seen Trump speak on any of the talk shows he appeared on in the 90's and 2000's (and those that have performed studies) that Trump used to speak with a much larger vocabularly, and eloquently (obviously with similar speech patterns):

Lets not forget: "You know what uranium is, right? This thing called nuclear weapons like lots of things are done with uranium including some bad things."

Could there be something physically wrong with Trump? Should the President be taking mental acuity tests? Just in case?

After all, how dangerous would it be if Trump was in the throws of some mental deterioration; especially with few people around him that can tell him to stop?

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McCain hates Trump. To him Trump stole his party that likes to oppose homosexual marriage. Liberals actually should love Trump. He's closer to Liberal beliefs than any Republican President in modern times.

But in regards to your question.. Trump hasn't mastered the are of politician speech, so he doesn't come off much like a politician. If he was a liberal, the left would be telling us how wonderful he is.

Ramshutu(349) Disputed
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Bronto Lie Counter: #92

The few actions Trump has made, or tried to make have almost all been conservative in nature in almost every way.

Indeed, he appears to have ceded the majority of legislation to the very republican congress that opposes homosexual marriage; and is pushing a strongly republican agenda.

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Obama had at least three distinct styles of speaking. He could lecture with a high tone vocabulary, he could also use a distinctly smaller vocabulary when speaking to a black audience. Then his everyday manner of speaking which was common conversational containing an everyday vocabulary.

In the same way Trump is able to tailor his style of speaking to the audience. There is little to suggest any impairment from these facts.

Ramshutu(349) Disputed
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While Barack Obama has subtly different speaking styles; these haven't substantially deteriorated with time in terms of general coherence, grade level and usage of in distinct terms (thing), and repetition. His lowest level of speech was still way ahead of trump; and Trump at his worst makes little if any sense: which can often be a warning sign of illness.

Indeed, the comparison between Obama and Trump is misleading to say the least: the idea that Trump is doing the same thing is belied by the fact he doesn't appear to substantively change his speaking style, and there are no examples I can find of any trump off-the-cuff remarks where he doesn't appear "dumbed down": other than 10-15 years ago.

While this superficial comparison sounds like an explanation: the detail refutes this as an explanation. Indeed it is not really an explanation at all as it doesn't bother to address the degradation of speech patterns, or coherence trump had shown; or attempted to use any evidence at all from trumps speech patterns to compare it to Obama.

So in this respect, you're simply asserting that he is doing the same thing as Obama when the evidence appears to indicate that he is not.

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No not that has been reported but you may know more than his personal doctor so share what you know ! Your an internet genius that is all knowing right ?

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Should the American Left be taking mental acuity tests? Just to be sure they are of sound mind ?

Negligentt(397) Disputed
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They actually have a hotline for liberals suffering from "Trump Depression". No shit.

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After all, how dangerous would it be if the American Left was in the throws of some mental deterioration ! They already are is there a need for you to question that ?

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Trump beat Hillary at the ballot box so quit whining. You Leftist are sore losers and you can't understand you are. Stay on your diet of Left Wing Media that will keep you further agitated and delusional !

Ramshutu(349) Disputed
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Four separate posts:

One of which was an insult on me; the second and third was an insult on the left in general, the fourth was another insult simply telling me to "Get over it"

At no point in any of those four posts was there any attempt to make any form of actual argument, contest the point to any degree, or engage in a debate: which is odd considering this is the purpose of the whole website.

So, given this, Outlaw is simply here to be abusive and/or disruptive and has been banned accordingly.


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Is there something wrong with Trump? Of course. He's 72 years old.

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Hello R:

Yes.. He's fat, orange and very gassy............


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No, not something. I'm afraid that there is everything physically wrong with Trump.

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The only things wrong with Trump is he is an old school Good Ol' Boy and he has been spoiled by wealth. When he says crazy stuff it's because that behavior is actually encouraged by his constituents and by others like him. When he talks his way into a corner and then shrugs it off that's because when you're old and rich and white you can get away with that.

Someday after he is dead if they get a chance to autopsy him they might discover the region of his brain associated with narcisism is abnormally large, but I don't expect any more smoking guns than that.