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Is there too much advertising?

Billboards, radio commercials, tv commercials, product placement, banner ads. Where can you go to not see advertising?


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yes, and we the people of a consumer nation unfortunately fall for all of them, false or not.

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It's most of the reason I don't watch too much TV anymore. There are just too many commercials vying for our attention and they're all the best thing since the last time they told me something was new, improved and the best! I don't mind the billboards so much as we don't have that many anymore but there are just ads, ads and more ads all over the place. There are magazines 200 pages long with only about 50, if that many, readable pages...I think it's nuts.

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Way too much. I can't go anywhere without companies trying to brainwash me. How much uglier is the countryside now that most of it is covered with billboards with pictures of fast food on them. This is also another way for big companies to stay on top and keep small businesses struggling.

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I think that we are super-saturated with ads! But due to our lack of attention spans, it seems like companies feel like over-doing it is their only option to get us to learn about their products... or is it that the flashy ads and over stimulation is what caused our lack of attention spans?

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There is too much negative advertising. Too many advertisers prey on the insecurities of the consumer. We are brought up in a world where we are made to feel inadequate unless we subscribe to a certain idea, a certain fashion sense, a certain physique. Advertising has created and perpetuates this illusion in addition to encouraging people to live beyond their means. All so the obscenely wealthy can add another pile of money to their account.

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I love commercialism. I don't really know what it is that i love so much about it, but i just do. When i see how many sponsors are for a certain something, i just start to laugh. it's funny on how so many people jump on an opportunity like an award show or a football game. idk, i guess i love life too much to get bothered by this stuff... so i enjoy it all. Human Nature is beautiful.

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