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Is tourism a boon or bane?


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The main drawbacks to tourism are traffic volume (clogging your trip to work), consumer volume (booking up your favorite restaurant), sometimes higher prices (consumer demand), and annoyance. None of those are particularly horrible, they're just something you learn to live with.

The main advantages of tourism are community wealth, community fame, preservation of history, economy - external dollars spent locally, jobs, and exposure to diverse cultures and nationalities. If you ask me, the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages.

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outlaw60(11077) Disputed
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WOW you Progressives never fail to entertain with your stupidity. Got to have that community !

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Grenache(6106) Disputed
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Way to go - not addressing a single argument and jumping straight to the political label smearing - outlaw/fromwithin/saint.

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Mint_tea(3248) Disputed
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So are you for or against tourism then? I'm guessing since you posted against Grenache that you are against it, so why? Unless of course you have zero argument for or against it and you just want to flap your gums over something ridiculously stupid that has nothing meaningful to add to this debate.

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Trade and commerce benefits business and all those associated with it and helps the tax base.

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There are several drawbacks but I believe the positive outweighs the negative. For one you have more people, more crowded roads, more littler, often higher prices. But you get more mom and pop shops getting money, more flow of cash and opportunities to have a side business yourself. Money goes back into the community, there is a sense of pride in it, people often wanting to "show off" their home town and a chance to meet new people.

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