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Is vexillology a good hobby?/My colelction of flags...

Vexillology is the study of flags and banners etc.


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That's pretty cool.

I don't even own an American flag. Kudos.

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Wow. I actually got into this a week ago. I have China, Japan, U.S.A., France, Australia, Germany, Spain, Great Britain, Egypt, and The Republic of Korea.

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I have many flags and I find them to be very interesting. People tell me this all the time. Since I made this video, I got the flag of SFR Yugoslavia, Poland, and Macedonia.

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Good idea, never thought of it. In fact I shall start ze collection of ze flags!

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How did you get Yugoslavia's? That's one that I couldn't find. You are lucky.

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Thanks. I got Yugoslavia's flag from the New Brunswick flag shoppe. I special ordered it. I think you might be able to find one on ebay, as you probably don't have the NBFS where you live :)

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If you like it then sure. I don't have much of an opinion about colleting in general.

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You should collect poker chips like my friend does. If he wins at the casino he tries to keep a chip.

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Quocalimar(6428) Clarified
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I'm disorganized and grow bored with things very easily. If I tried to keep a collection, like I did with tops in middle school, I'd lose it.

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Anything is a good hobby if you like doing it.... well, not killing people of course but you know what I mean.

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