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Is victimhood used by minority groups in society?

My country Republic of Ireland has taken in a fair amount of non nationals over recent times , any criticism of Muslims and one is called an "islamaphobe " any criticism of the many Nigerians and their reliance on social welfare and bogus claims and one is called a racist , yet there seems to be a Univesal dislike for Romas .

Recently a Nigerian woman rammed into the back of my wife's car as we were driving home , the police arrived on the scene and asked my wife for her license and and various documentation , they also asked if she was drinking ( she's teetotal ) all documentation was fine ; the Nigerian woman was driving alone without a NCT disc which is a legal requirement a Learner sign on the windscreen ( illegal to drive unaccompanied as she was ) she was asked for no documentation and was never asked if she had drink taken .

She admitted she was guilty and hadn't a leg to stand on as my wife is a financial analyst for the biggest insurance firm over here , the cops scurried off and asked us to " go easy on her " 

The police walk on eggshells over here with non nationals as they're terrified of being branded racist .

My mothers handbag was snatched in a shop a couple of years back by two Roma gypsies I spotted them fleeing gave chase but lost them ,a young  policeman asked me who robbed my mothers handbag , I told him Roma gysies he deemed my remark racist as he said I was unfairly labelling them Roma without concrete proof ! 

I got into a heated exchange with him until his superior told him to go off for a walk and calm down ; he told me they're learning all this over the top P C bollocks in police college and its directly from European directives .

The race card is constantly played by a sizeable proportion of these individuals for monetary gain and societal advantages  

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Hi Dermot, I read your harrowing account with unease but without surprise.

I feel that the menace posed by the epidemic of the world's failed nations swamping almost all European nations has a three tier level of blame.

Occupying the top position we have the loony left politicians, past and present, who in their mad rush to be seen to be occupying their misguided perception of the moral high ground opened the doors to unregulated immigration from as far back as the 1960s.

This 'crime' was, and continues to be led by German politicians, as personified by Mad Frau Merkel, who feels that her nation's ''war guilt'' can be nullified by inundating her country, and the rest of the E.U, nations with Eastern bloc Europeans, Muslims and Africans, whilst intimidating the smaller nations like Ireland, not wishing to run foul of Europe's economic powerhouse, to trundle along behind.

The European Parliament, the biggest Mafioso family in the world, has passed a series of laws making it a 'hate crime' to express disdain or criticize the shocking levels of crime and terrorist activity of ''the enemy within'.'

The level of blame immediately below the politicians is the 'white trash' losers of Europe who identify more with the eastern European low lives, the blacks and the Muslim hoards than they do with their countrymen.

These underachieving and resentful renegades give succor to the criminal Roma gypsies, the marauding African and Asian rapists, paedophiles and violent criminals.

Then we have us, the apathetic electorate who mindlessly sleep walk to the polls on election day and proceed to cast our votes according to ''tribal tradition' and not on the policies our favoured party's manifesto.

The largest single reason for the U.K's overall Brexit vote was due to the the nightmarish terrors which immigrants have caused, especially throughout England and Wales.

The bad news is, things are going to get worse.

Even ''Mad Merkel'' has stated that her ''come all ye'' policy was ''seriously misjudged''.


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Well spoken................................................................................................

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Hi Antrim , I agree with everything you say , Merkel is a mad bitch who bullied and manipulated other countries into accepting her ridiculous idea of a New Europe , I don't blame Britain for wanting out and the brexit vote made perfect sense if what's to come is anything to go by .

Europe is ruled now by hypocritical P C types who chant the favoured mantra as in " some of my best friends are non nationals " a load of bollocks .

A high ranking police official told me the unfortunate thing for us is we are getting the dregs of other countries ; again you're correct it's going to get worse .

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It sounds like FINALLY, you are grasping what the Right has been saying for decades.

I agree with what you are saying and it sounds opposite to your Liberal slant on most of your past posts. As you can see, the other Liberals on this site are down playng the truth of your words.

When this victimhood hits home in your own family, then you finally get it.

Im sorry for your bad experiences and hope you wil start electing those who will try to stop this Political correct madness.

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In American society, victim hood is the business and full time vocation of men like Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton. Leading the blackman to wallow in perpetual dependence on government handouts. We have a population of Nigerians as well as Muslims and even gypsies. Their numbers do not yet allow them to wield much power.

From a political perspective, liberals coddle the minorities to garner their votes.

Quantumhead(730) Disputed
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From a political perspective, liberals coddle the minorities to garner their votes.

From a political perspective, Conservatives can't be taken seriously by anybody because of their spectacular double standards. They accuse liberals of coddling minorities, while Conservatives simultaneously depend on a mental illness (i.e. Christianity) in order to get any votes at all.

daver(1771) Disputed
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Conservatives simultaneously depend on a mental illness (i.e. Christianity) in order to get any votes at all.

Judging from the election results last November, it would seem that more Americans want a chance to work, than another handout. So much for liberal coddling.

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From a political perspective, Conservatives can't be taken seriously by anybody because of their spectacular double standards.

You said you were from Great Britain. You have no idea what American Conservatives are like.

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They accuse liberals of coddling minorities

They do. Most anybody will take a little more for no more work than a lot more for more work. Liberals in America are using this fundamental part of psychology to keep minorities down and dependent on them. It's like the person that feeds their mate things that make them sick in order to keep them dependent. Liberals in America have Munchausen by Proxy Syndrome.

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while Conservatives simultaneously depend on a mental illness (i.e. Christianity) in order to get any votes at all.

There are many Conservatives who aren't Christians that are Conservatives in America. There are many Christians who are liberals in America.

So what are you saying? That liberals depend on a mental illness (i.e. Islam and Progressivism) in order to get any votes at all?

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I'm sorry to hear about your wife's accident. I hope she's ok.

I think though that saying victim-hood is used by minority groups is too broad a brush. There are individuals that will use that card, no doubt, but even through they speak the loudest and get the most attention, they don't speak for the group as a whole.

And sometimes it's not even a member of the group claiming victim, it's someone from outside it trying to "speak up" for the group. An example would be that sweet little girl who wanted to dress as a geisha and have tea. Some SJW's got all huffy over it and said it was cultural appropriation and started having a go at that sweet kid. It took a Japanese person to say "Whoa wait a sec, that's totally fine by me" to shut them up and even then I'm sure they got huffy over being put in their place. japanese-birthday-party a23061529/

Dermot(5499) Clarified
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Thanks Mint , yeah she's fine we were both a bit stunned because we stopped at a red light and she hit us full force .

Ok , let me give a further example our claims system is top heavy with claims from Nigerians even in Africa Nigerians have a fearsome reputation for swindling and bogus claims , our welfare system has caught family after family of Nigerians defrauding welfare ; these things are rarely aired on TV or radio as commentators will be branded racist the same applies with any criticism of Muslims in my country the minute you open your mouth you're an Islamaphope , this type of over the top PC nonsense is the norm in Europe .

Mint_tea(3490) Clarified
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I do agree that there is some supreme pc nonsense which is pretty much in every advanced society.

It almost has to be an example of advanced societies because anyplace that is lesser just kills or persecutes people who are seen as different. Take for example the Rohingya refugees. Myanmar wouldn't be seen as an advanced society, (I may be using the wrong term here but I'll keep using it until I find the correct one) and they've been systematically destroying villages and murdering citizens who have been there for thousands of years but aren't seen as actual citizens.

I may have gotten off topic. It seems like the mark of an elevated (? maybe that's a better word?) society is the fact that it does have a ridiculous PC culture because people are free enough to do it without fear for their lives.

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Yes, because victimhood is used by pretty much EVERY group in society. It's one of many tools in the argument toolbox. The conservative side plays it all the time, too.

FromWithin(6481) Disputed
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This way, mindless Liberals such as yourself will keep gleefully running down to the voting booth pulling the lever for the Liberal Hillary Clinton's of the world and supporting more of the same Liberal PC indoctrination of the masses.

This is the Liberal's MO. They excuse all their failures by saying the other side is just as bad so just keep voting for us. You are like a new age cult, all speaking with the same forked tongue.

FromWithin(6481) Disputed
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I wish someone would go through all your past posts, and count how many times you exonnerate the Left by saying the other side is just as bad.

It would be amazing how many times you excuse the Left by sayng the Right is just as bad.

NO THEY ARE NOT JUST AS BAD! YOU ARE A LIAR! The Right is not perfect but they are a thousand times better in so many ways from the Left.

You are a deceptive broken record.

Grenache(6104) Disputed
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No, they really are just as bad. The right wingers on this site are first rate trolls whom the rest of the population rightly identify as the true troublemakers. Some of the left wingers have their moments, like Excon, but they are nowhere near as disruptive or downright nasty.

Do they use victimhood? Absolutely. For every claim of police brutality due to race, only one in a hundred ever looks to me like the police did anything other than normal protocal. I also just saw a nurse getting the what for from police, and she was white.

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The police are in a no win situation , are the police in the U S suspended if a claim of brutality is laid against them ?

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Would you say that it is more often the majority groups than the minority groups that are 'enforcing' this whole PC/victim-hood thing on behalf of minority groups?

For example, the way the new police officers are trained that you mentioned in the debate description is probably being enforced by the majority rather than the minority, and it was the policeman that was branding you racist not the gypsie (although you couldn't speak to the gypsie, so I don't know what they'd have called you).

You say "The police walk on eggshells over here with non nationals as they're terrified of being branded racist," but who is it that will be branding them racist? Will it be the Nigerians or will it be non-Nigerians?

It seems to me that the problem isn't normally that minority groups are using victim-hood, but that people are (often wrongly) taking offence on the behalf of minority groups. What might be the motive for this?

1) Ireland isn't your country. You're American.

2) You had an accident. Pretending it was an act of aggression is just one of the many indications that you are a racist.

3) Insurance analysts and lawyers are not the same thing.

4) Do us all a favour and shut up.

Dermot(5499) Disputed
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1: I 'm not American you troll . I do like America and Americans you hate them as you openly mock the families of 9 / 11 victims

2 : Who's pretending it was an act of aggression you fucking idiot ?

So telling the truth as in a black woman rammed into the back of our car is racism ?

You're the sort of P C fuck -Wit who looks for and finds racism everywhere

3: Insurance analysts and lawyers are not the same well done Sherlock , what has a lawyer got to do with settling our claim when the woman accepted liability you moron ?

4: No I won't shut up otherwise fucking idiots like you will keep spouting nonsense .

5: A Nigerian women rams into the back of our car admits liability and yet you brand me and my wife racist ?

You're one fucking idiot and that demonstrates that you're actually anti - Irish as well as anti - American

Now why not come back with one of your eight alt accounts to support your latest lunacy , or just go fuck yourself

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Hello D:

I'm sure that individuals do it.. But, it wouldn't work if there wasn't an overall belief that it COULD be true.. And, THAT belief is based on reality..

Look.. You wouldn't believe it if a wealthy white person claimed to be a victim of racism..


Dermot(5499) Disputed
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Who's reality ? The reality of the situation in my country is that non nationals were openly accepted into my country given welfare , housing and various state allowances , our welfare system is being totally abused by non nationals and bogus insurance claims are plentiful from non nationals especially Nigerians .

Actually I would believe it if a wealthy white person said they were the victim of racism as this has happened in the past , what does ones wealth have to do with a racist slur ?

Quantumhead(730) Disputed
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Who's reality ?

Whose, you complete retard. Why do you think you are entitled to bully people in a reality where you are too stupid to understand your own language?