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Yes, war is. No, war [isn't always/isn't].
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Is war always just?

There have been many examples within human history of war over various subjects and crises.


I have no research to pair with this question to support either side, however the philosophical implications are daunting.


On one side, it is a heroic gesture to risk your life for your country and win the conflict. There will be conflicts where safety is the prime directive.

On the other, you're a mass murderer (especially if your side is wrong), and wasting your life and resources. Either country will eventually give in, call truce and come to peace eventually.


These are two strong contenders for either position, joining either side doesn't require you agree with the above statements.

Yes, war is.

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No, war [isn't always/isn't].

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edit: well, i realize the title now... so you can ignore this as saying "war is always just". certainly there are unnecessary wars, like the battle of Troy.

This debate has been brought up quite a few times, but i will answer as I always do:

War ended the Nazi Regime and the holocaust.

War created America.

War created free soil all around America and preserved this perfect Union (subjective, i know).

War saved the Western world as we know it. (SPARTA!!)

War has created free nations and have eliminated totalitarianism and monarchies all around.

if you're against all of those results, then i guess war is unjust.

Side: Yes, war is.

no war is not always just. sometimes war is fought just to gain land. or another example is when otto (the great??) got in a war with france right after the french revolution when it was still weak.

in a response to pygs post, war has created many bad things too.

dead people

radiation damage

waste of resources ( like when they burned oil in persian gulf war)

broken families

more weapons

tension between countries

Side: No, war [isn't always/isn't].
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Nope, war isn't always just. Sometimes there's no reason for it other than you know, religion. Then it's retarded and has no point. If you think otherwise, you need to be dragged out into the street and shot, because fighting over fairy tales and fantasy is the most horrid thing on this earth.

Side: No, war [isn't always/isn't].
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did you have to insult religion and call it a fairy tail you ignorant person?

Side: No, war [isn't always/isn't].
Warlin(1212) Disputed
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Well, it's kind of hard for every religion to be correct, now isn't it?

Side: No, war [isn't always/isn't].
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The Spartans fought for their right to worship their own Gods and not live under the Persian, Eastern way of life which would prevent them from worshiping their own Gods.

The battle of Thermopylae, and the battles that occurred afterward, was a religious war, but if it had never happened the entire Western world as we know it would probably not exist.

Side: Yes, war is.
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I think the majority of people would side with the fact that there is such a thing as unjust war. How many people in this world would say it's perfectly acceptable to invade a nation because the people living there are too tall, or you want to invade a nation to kill all of the women and children? Not many would go that way. I think the real debatable question would be "Is war ever just?" To answer that, yes it is. But a I won't get into it unless somebody responds to this.... We've had a bunch of debates about that before.

Side: No, war [isn't always/isn't].

No war is justified. All wars cause nothing but death and destruction.

Side: No, war [isn't always/isn't].