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Is white collar employment more noble than blue collar employment?



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But only in the eyes of most of society. Blue collar employment, unfortunately, is frowned upon by those who think they are better than they.

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"Sitting behind a desk and committing words and figures to paper, he is prone to overrate the significance of his work. Like the boss he writes and reads what other fellows have put on pa­per and talks directly or over the telephone with other people. Full of conceit, he imagines himself to belong to the enterprise’s managing elite and compares his own tasks with those of his boss. As a “worker by brain” he looks arrogantly down upon the manual worker whose hands are calloused and soiled. It makes him furious to notice that many of these manual laborers get higher pay and are more respected than he himself. What a shame, he thinks, that capitalism does not appraise his “intellectual” work according to its “true” value and fondles the simple drudgery of the uneducated.”

-----Ludwig von Mises, The Anti-Capitalistic Mentality

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Blue collar workers hate capitalism because of the imperious attitude some white collar workers act.

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Some blue collar employment actually requires more skills than white collar employment as a mechanic.

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