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 Islamic dominance by 2070 (17)

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Islamic dominance by 2070

How will the world change if Islam becomes the dominant religion? It is currently the fastest growing religion in the world.Christians make up 33% of the worlds population and Muslims make up 26%. Christianity is growing at a rate of 36% while Islam is growing at a rate of 73%. If these trends continue, experts say that Islam will be the dominant religion by 2070.

How do you think this will effect global politics? 
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Looking at the issue from every angle the only rational conclusion to be reached is that, aided and abetted by most European politicians, Islamic dominance is inevitable.

Future generations of white Europeans will curse the politicians of the today.

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I think it could go two ways.

1. The Christian political leaders around the world could see this as a threat to their power and try to push for more war in the Middle East.

2. The transition will happen in a way that many won't really give it much thought and it just becomes a social norm all together.

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It will happen before 2070. The Liberal ideologues are hellbent on mixing them in with you. Atheists wanted Christianity out of its way. Now it got religion and zealotry on steroids to replace it with. Oops...

I'll be dead about the time it starts marching in. The young generation. Happy alahu akbar. One day you'll understand that Bronto was actually trying to help you.

Wolfgang666(172) Disputed
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Help us with what? There have been religions since the time when human started trying to understand the world we live in. Even if your religion dies out like the earlier religions that yours is based on, we will still be dealing with zealots of what ever religion takes your place. There have been thousands of myths that have been discarded once we learned that they couldn't be true. The only reason any of the modern religions have lasted this long is through genocide, war, murder, lies, and brainwashing children.

We will never be free of religion no matter what name it goes by, but we can protect the minds of the next generation by making sure children have access to a proper education. We need to teach them to question statements that don't sound right. Arguments from authority are meaningless. You have to follow the evidence and find out for yourself what's true and what's not. If somebody says that they have evidence and it doesn't stand up to analysis then it should be discarded.

With this we have disproved ideas like the flat earth,

Noah's flood, Adam and Eve, earth being the center of the universe, and yes, Mohamed flying to heaven on a winged donkey.

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As has happened throughout history a religion will start to dominate and another religion will be at war against them. We will NEVER have world peace until religions become small groups of insecure people (cults), and the rest of the world largely ignores them. The major point of ANY religion is control over the masses. When they start to lose it, or think they are close, they will go to war! History 101!

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Atheism has no concern for the well being of the masses. That's why Atheist oligarchs kill people like roaches with no conscience. You are peeking under the lid of Pandora's box. You wanted religion gone, so you pushed against Christianity. Christianity is in decline in the West, but guess what isn't in decline. Islam. So you've replaced everything you say you hate with everything you say you hate but on steroids. Militant Atheists are fools. Liberals are fools. They'd cut off their nose to spite their face.

AlofRI(2252) Clarified
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Again, I have to question your mentality. I have no "hate" for any religion, I just don't agree with them. I don't kill people like roaches or any other creature. I'm not a militant of ANY kind and about all I hate are radicals most liberals. It's YOU that is spreading hate, as usual.

You should really try to control both your imagination AND hatred. You have a good night.

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Well that surely depends on the 'brand ' of Islam that dominates doesn't it ?

Speaking from my own experience growing up in Dublin we had an awful lot of Muslim students come here going back a fair couple of years now , they came for educational purposes mostly they studied medicine , law and a lot were trained as pilots ( Iraqis ) in Dublin airport; the type of Muslim that came here were fairly easy going and decent people who mixed and integrated fairly well I never once seen any woman wearing a burqa back then ; roll on to the year 2017 and boy how it has changed over here most the women wear burqas the men mostly favour the long beard and the brand of Islam seems more hardline in nature .

I dislike religions i particularly dislike Islam as its regressive and divisive by nature and worldwide it seems to be getting more hardline ; Islam is certainly not inclusive and progressive .

If we have Islamic dominance by 2070 I'm glad I won't be around to see it

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Well that surely depends on the 'brand ' of Islam that dominates doesn't it ?

Explain to us this peaceful brand, seeing you know nothing about Islam. Enlighten us.

catninja(249) Disputed
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There are three main "brands" of Islam: Sunni, Shia and Sufism. Sunni Islam has a small branch called Salafi, which is responsible for a disproportionate amount of radicalisation, and has also killed a lot of mainstream Sunnis.

Sufism is generally quite peaceful.

Shia is seen as being relatively peaceful and the literature contains a lot less violence and more guidance on how to resist oppression in an ethical way. This is because the Shia school faced less political oppression. Shia Muslims have also not given up itjihad (I assume you know what this means, since you know about Islam).

Sunni Islam is a larger group (and I will impress upon you that like all religious groups, it is composed of individuals who do not all think as a collective). However, it has been influenced more by Wahabism (I assume you also know what this means?) which has resulted in schisms, meaning radical groups like Salafi exist.

The problem is that the media and many politicians, who don't know any better, lump all types of Islam together, which is a bit like lumping Catholics and Protestants together and blaming all followers of Christianity for something like the Magdalene Laundries.

Dermot(5461) Disputed
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I know a lot more than you do about it , do you ever actually debate or just constantly fire insults ?

Let me educate you again in your country there are 3:3 million Muslims so explain to us all the muslim terrorism going on in the US because we ain't hearing much about it over here ?

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the type of Muslim that came here were fairly easy going and decent people

You just gave us the description given by people who knew the 9/11 hijackers, the Boston Marathon bombers, the Fort Hood shooter, the San Bernardino shooters, the Moore, Oklahoma beheader....

Oh, they're always "really nice people", and then they try to kill people in mass...

Dermot(5461) Disputed
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Well you have 3:3 million Muslims over there so where's the daily shootings and bombings in the US by theses dangerous radicals ?

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Islam is certainly not inclusive and progressive .

If we have Islamic dominance by 2070 I'm glad I won't be around to see it

And just think... if the liberals and militant atheists hadn't "risen up" against Christianity, you wouldn't even know what Islam is. I didn't until 9/11. Neither did hardly anyone else. Now everyone knows. Aint it grand?

Dermot(5461) Disputed
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Don't remember atheists as a group rising up against Christianity , I knew about Islam from childhood as a former Catholic that's something else we were taught to hate

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Hello W:

If these trends continue....

I dunno who the experts are that you mention, but I wonder if they considered that we're on the precipice of a glorious age of discovery.. Put another way, your question could read, will the STUPID prevail by 2070, or will INTELLIGENCE win out???

My vote is with the smart people..


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Intelligence already lost when atheists and liberals thought replacing Christianity with Islam and allying with what they hate on steroids made any sense.

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Curious about this debate, as it starts with ambiguous information. The term "Islamic " is used to define a culture, as in history, architecture, clothing, art, etc. Percentage's are meaningless, unless backed up by real numbers (10% of 100 is 10, 10% of 1 is 0.1), there needs to be a tangible base-line. But if it is "fear" of other religions that drive this debate; yes, there are more Muslims in this world than Catholics. So I submit we get to a "base-line" and actually figure out what this debate is about. Please respond.

Wolfgang666(172) Clarified
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I was just curious about how every day people think the world would react to major changes in the social climate. That is the only purpose for this debate.