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It's Pearl Harbor Day. Were your parents WW2 Vets?

I'm going to brag so brace yourself.  Both of my parents were WW2 vets and I couldn't be more proud of them.  They were both Navy, my father was a SeaBee and my mother was a Wave who worked in Naval Intelligence.  She was probably just a typist but I'll never know because she was sworn to silence and she would never speak of what she did.  
My dad was part of the retaking of the Pacific which started in Australia and worked it's way North.  He was in the middle of several major battles where ships were sunk all around him but luckily for me (and him) he survived the war without injury.  Years later when my older brother was talking about running to Canada from the Vietnam draft my dad wrote him an incredibly poignant letter about his experience of first seeing American soil when he returned after Japan's surrender.  He said that he never considered himself an overly patriotic American but when he saw American soil when approaching the Golden Gate Bridge he first realized how deeply he loved it.  He said it wasn't the people or the buildings, but the land itself.  Brings me to tears to recall it.  My brother stayed here and wasn't drafted.
Anyone else have stories about their parents involvement in WW2?  

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There are also many happy stories from the first and second world war from my family (British). Here in Germany, it is not so happy. 80% of the men died here. Largely from American bombs despite Germany never touching America.

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Are you actually complaining about America’s part in fighting Germany in WWII?

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Are you actually complaining about America’s part in fighting Germany in WWII?

If he's German then why the hell wouldn't he complain about it?

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My father was in the Navy on the USS Texas, one uncle in the Air Force flying c-47's in the Pacific, another in the Army in Germany driving a half track. He was a POW for a short time. My wife's father also in Germany on the "Red Ball Express".

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My father was in the Army near the end but it was over before he could get shipped anywhere. He had older brothers who saw action.

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Parents? Err, no. I'm not one of the young guys on the site, but my father wasn't in grade school until near the end of it, and my mother's younger. My grandfather, though, was a medic.