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It's a waste of time to debate about guns when there are drones and nukes and AI

There is no reason little dweebs like nomenclature should still be prattling on about guns when there are far worse things in the hands of far worse people, instead of creating debates about the banksters and corrupt politicians, instead of creating debates about war or poverty or economics or the implications of biotechnology he just goes on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on about how everyone should be forbidden from possessing fire arms EXCEPT of course the authorities, who are the biggest abusers of guns. Why don't you worry about the nukes nomenclature? Why don't you worry about the drones and the satellites under the control of the Illuminati? Taking away guns won't stop the NWO Nomenpussy, It won't stop Mark Zuckerberg from merging with the AI and it won't stop the wealthy classes from using biotech and gene editing to become a new species while the poor who can't afford it are exterminated and replaced with super obedient and highly efficient AI units. Why do you keep spewing your expired rhetoric about guns when there are bigger things at stake? it just seems so petty and pointless.


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Because his shallow mind cannot go that deep. If you wave your left hand he never notices any single thing that you're right hand is doing or that you even have a right hand. He's like a cat to catnip. He just can't help it. The intoxicating scent of cat weed has him scratching, sniffing, nibbling and pawing at himself like he has poison ivy on his nuts.

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