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The world is good The world is evil
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It’s the world good?

It’s your decision please come and tell us what you think

The world is good

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The world is evil

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The world itself is neither. Good and Evil are human concepts. However I do believe that people are good. There are still those running to help others in catastrophic events and because of those people I believe we are still good.

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Yep! The earth is Satan domain.

Luckily human beings have Jesus Christ to reclaim the earth from Satan's planetary hijack.

We just haven't gotten together and collectively taken it back from Satan yet. So he still owns and controls it.

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The world is neither good or evil, humans made up the concept of good and evil.

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Turn on the TV. Flip the channel to the news.

You're going to see one of thee things. The first possibility is that you'll see a ratio of about ten percent news, and ninety percent people with polar opposite opinions bitching about that news. The second possibility is that you're going to see politics, most likely some he-said she-said bullshit that got some asshole wildly offended, and there will be more people bitching back and forth about it. The third thing you might see is a mass shooting.

Never mind civil war in Africa or Southeast Asia or the "war on terror" we've been fighting for 17 years now. Nobody cares about some dead 19 year old kid in Afghanistan, even if they're wearing an American uniform. Nobody cares about corporate greed or 21.4 trillion dollars of national debt as long as they don't have to be inconvenienced with higher taxes or any kind of personal sacrifice for a national cause.


Because that's what pulls in ratings. That's what you want to see. You want to see people in conflict who you can relate to but don't have any personal obligation to give a shit about.

Any questions?

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