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Jews Have No Right To Criticise Hitler Over A Disagreement About Which Is The Master Race

Germans thought they were the master race.

Jews think they are the master race.

The Torah teaches Jews that they are special and everyone else is a "goyim". A little known fact is that the ten commandments were really only intended for Jews. Hence, Jews do not break any laws of God by killing goyim.


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Hello haters:

Look.. You HATE Jews. You're NOT the first.. You won't be the last. But, I WILL agree with you about one thing.. There MUST be something special about us to garner this much hate..


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Hitler is old news. We have Feminists and women's groups today who believe they are the master race.

They actually believe that viable unborn babies are beneath their master station in life. These innocent babies are absolutely worthless to Feminists and the Democrat Party.

I guess we would have to add the Democrat Party to that master race.

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You're absolutely right Nom. If I was a Jew, I wouldn't call myself a Jew, Because everything about Judaism is a lie. It's a lie that Jews are Hebrews, it's a lie that Jews are a race, and Judaism is a lie not only because it is a religion but it is a religion which encourages lying to everyone as long as they're not a Jew.

Judaism is more like a gang these days then a race or religion, it is a mafia-like club of people who think they're better than everyone else who rely on the most deviously capitalistic means to covet all the wealth into the hands of their own "race".

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It's true. Marxist theory is a fairytale conjured up by people with the mind of a child.

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