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John Cena Randy Orton
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John Cena or Randy Orton

Whos Better?

John Cena

Side Score: 7

Randy Orton

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JOHN CENA'S MOM IS THE BEST WWE WRESLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Side: John Cena

If I had to pick between these two, I would definitely go with.... Brontoraptor.

Side: John Cena

And its randy orton........

............he is best........... ..yeah .... ...he is......

Side: Randy Orton
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Randy Orton is way better than John Cena. John Cena is the most overrated star of all time. Orton actually has real talents and his finishers are way better than Cena's! RKO!

Side: Randy Orton
jeffreyone(1349) Disputed
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Then i don't understand why randy used to step outta the ring when Cena got in whenever they had a fight. He came in after Cena was done cheering.

Is he a coward or he is just afraid of Cena

Side: John Cena
foil7(346) Disputed
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Many heels are portrayed to be cowards. If you take a look at people like The Miz, Kevin Owens or a heel Seth Rollins, they do that a lot. However, you see that less with face stars such as a face Seth Rollins, Cena, and even a face Randy Orton.

Another reason is to create tension. Everybody is waiting to see the two fight but the heel just walks out creating a lot of tension and suspension which results in a bigger box office draw next time.

Side: Randy Orton