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 John O'Farrell: For all my lifetime, the Conservative party has pulled off a con-trick (6)

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John O'Farrell: For all my lifetime, the Conservative party has pulled off a con-trick

For all my lifetime, the Conservative party has pulled off this incredible con-trick of combining apparent social respectability while behaving like the worst kind of thugs with the casual stroke of a pen. We think of hooligans as being young working-class males at 70s football matches, we are made to think of violence as something started by drunks in pub car parks, but there is another sort of violence that is remotely perpetrated by apparently courteous people who exude charm and manners and sophistication.

Polite thuggery, that’s the essence of the people who rule over us. Charming barbarians all of them; they know which cutlery to use for the starter because they have polished table manners. They don’t think it is in the slightest bit rude that, due to their actions, someone else is queueing for dinner at a foodbank.

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The entire article is a string of insults based on misrepresentation and mischaracterization. He could have saved himself some time in this article by simply saying “Conservatives are snooty”. But of course that wouldn’t confirm bias with the same level of emotional satisfaction.

Jenson(6) Disputed
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The left has a monopoly on academia

Academia is the study of facts. You are saying the left has a monopoly on facts?

TzarPepe(297) Clarified
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I think he's trying to say that people who are involved with the education system tend to be guided by a left leaning political ideology.

Which makes sense at the highest level if they get money from the government. They would probably have a preference for hiring teachers that would guide students into a direction favoring that political ideology.

Same thing with so called "Science". If claiming that you can build an engine that creates infinite thrust or something gives you unlimited funding, the higher ups are going to have a preference politically for who is giving them money. That also has a negative impact on science, especially if we are dealing with experimentation that is illegal under any but the most monopolized circumstances.

The fact that science is so mysterious to most people makes it to where it isn't unlikely that the government gives away billions and billions of dollars to unwittingly fund things like over-sized calculators.

Grenache(5521) Disputed
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It's Britain, genius. .................................................................

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It's Britain, genius.

Exactly. This bronto character seems like he's rude and stupid.