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 Kendrick Lamar Is Not The Best Rapper (12)

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Kendrick Lamar Is Not The Best Rapper

I just don't think Kendrick is the best rapper alive. All my friends do and I just don't.
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Nas is still alive, right? It's him. If not him, though, it's got to be Kanye West.

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I agree entirely. Hopsin, Futuristic, Logic, Anilyst and Hendersin are the current best.

The first three are semi-mainstream but the last 2 are underground.

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What do you think of Vince Staples? Probably my favorite up and coming rapper.

Vince Staples - Jump Off the Roof
instig8or(3307) Disputed
1 point

I find the actual music annoying and his voice too but I dig the flow.

1 point

This is the best rap lyrically that I have ever heard in my life.

Flawless flow and rhyming scheme.
1 point

Here is another masterpiece by him.

SlapShot(2607) Disputed
1 point

Masterpiece my ass.

Masterpiece rap is indeed an oxymoron.

As in: the vast majority of rap IS moronic, composed and performed by thugs and listened to by troglodytes with room temperature IQs.

Please refer to my previous post for further edification on this topic. Thanks.


TrumpsHair(312) Clarified
1 point

And yet you seemed offended when you had been called a bigot in the past :P

1 point

You are right. Hes not. K rino is. No one compares to him, including Old Eminem. THIS is the best we've ever seen, which might explain why most of you never hear of him

k-rino no redemption
1 point

Never heard of him.

Of course, that might be because I mostly detest rap and consider it to be music only like comic books are literature.


But back in the day before rap became total shit and infested with thugs and moronic lyrics, I did listen to it once in awhile.

So I can tell you that this is the best rap song ever written.


1 point

Broths lynch hung is the best.