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Knowledge is power.


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2 points

There can be no other power without it .

2 years ago | Side: Agree
AdolEssence(58) Disputed
1 point

I don't think so sir.

While knowledge is power,there are other powers without it. Greater powers such as wisdom.

You see, wisdom and knowledge are two different things. I would rather have wisdom, because when it comes to life, which is the pursuit of happiness, wisdom is far more powerful than knowledge.

2 years ago | Side: Disagree
garry77777(1794) Disputed
1 point

Tell that to the kray brothers, or better yet try telling to Mark "Chopper" Reed.

Chopper "The Movie"

2 years ago | Side: Disagree

Knowledge an essential soure of power, but it definitely isn't a prerequisite for the attainment of power. I would say under certain conditions naked power can be far more effective, although both are precursors to attaining economic power.

2 years ago | Side: Agree
1 point

Knowledge is power, when it is that the other one agrees familiarizing with someone or something and with this familiarizing the other one can let someone or something do like organizing him- or herself to achieve a goal.

2 years ago | Side: Agree
1 point

sadly yes, but i wish it was not true, just because you are not smart does not mean you are inferior.

2 years ago | Side: Agree
2 points

All the knowledge in the world isn't as powerful as buying some one a beer. Power is a drinking buddy.

2 years ago | Side: Disagree

God is Power and Knowledge is God.

2 years ago | Side: Disagree

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