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 Leftist Glenn Greenwald says no evidence of Russian Hacking (2)

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Leftist Glenn Greenwald says no evidence of Russian Hacking

Leftist journalist Glenn Greenwald noted the lack of evidence in Friday's declassified intelligence report in support of the claims that Russia had provided hacked emails to WikiLeaks in order to benefit then presidential candidate Donald Trump’s electoral fortunes. He is what he said : “You’re not obligated through patriotism or decency to simply accept what the CIA says lest you be accused of siding with a foreign dictator or being unpatriotic. What should determine the discourse is the evidence presented. And on the key claims - that Putin directed this hacking and that he did so to elect Donald Trump - there is no evidence for it; not unpersuasive evidence or inadequate evidence; no evidence. Just CIA assertions over and over and that just simply is not enough.”
What narrative is going to be left for the Progressives to use now ?
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“We don’t just blindly and uncritically accept the claims of the intelligence community, especially provocative claims about a foreign adversary, without seeing convincing evidence presented by them that those claims are true, and we absolutely have not seen that in this case.

And now you have a complete role reversal, where it’s Republicans who are expressing skepticism of the CIA and Democrats who are saying if you don’t believe the CIA, it means you’re disloyal and unpatriotic and you’re siding with a dictator against your own country.”

Why have the Progressives now changed their tune on intelligence ?

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Roosevelt tried to ignore the intelligence that the Japs were planning an attack. (Actually the majority of Americans WANTED him too). The military on Hawaii also (mostly) ignored it. Dubya ignored intel that terrorists were planning an attack (7 TIMES) Maybe because he thought he was so tough they wouldn't DARE!

The HUMINT is not ALWAYS correct, but, to ignore it when many of them agree IS STUPID! That's when we leave ourselves open for 12/7s and 9/11s YOU can believe a stupid "leftist", or a bunch of stupid "righties", OR you can believe a man who shows a 7th grade intellect every time he "tweets"!

Roosevelt and Dubya weren't nearly as stupid as Trump, but they made mistakes! Trump, at least, has an excuse, ....he IS stupid! (And those that defend his stupidity are worse!)