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Let's celebrate some good!

This forum is full of religious/political debates.  Let's do something a little different!  Let's all say something good that's going on in our lives!  It can be as personal or impersonal as  you want, but let's have a little joy, celebration, and gloating going on.  ;D

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Every year, school does a Math Olympics to compete for state... I got 3rd best mathmatition (math doer) in the state of Illinois!

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WOOHOOOO!!! Congratulations!!!

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Great Job! That's awesome! What year are you in school (Middle School, High School)?

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My two boys will be turning 4 and 2 early next year. There are plenty of ways they make us proud but the biggest is they're really nice people (for their age). Daycare and other adults always tell us how good and kind and inclusive they are. They already share and have manners and show empathy. And even though there is occasionally some brotherly competition they really love each other.

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Aw that's so great! It makes you feel like you're doing something right when your kids are well behaved, show empathy and have manners! What are siblings without some competitiveness anyways?

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One of my extended family members has a wonderful two year old Downs Syndrome child who is the love of their lives.

I have never seen a child so happy with life. The doctors tried to steer them towards aborting the baby when the tests came back as being Downs Syndrome, but thankfully they do not believe in abortion, especially for simply being special.

I celebrate all my extended family for their family values, and their commitment to what's truly important in life. They have been blessed with wonderful children.

It's a joy everytime we have family reunions, and celebrate the joys of strong family ties.

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That's really fantastic! It's so wonderful having strong familial support, especially involving children. They need that good foundation to grow from.

I remember when I had my second, the doctor I had tried saying I needed to get more tests done so that I would know if they discovered a problem and could abort. I got a new doctor.

Thank you for sharing, I see why you are so passionate about DS children.

Thank you. One of my nieces has a son who they first thought had autism, but as the years went on, he has developed into a great teenager with no problems.

I'm not sured if he was misdiagnosed, simply grew out of it, or what. It's amazing the difference between when he was vey quiet and distant acting, to an out going happy teenager.

God Bless your family

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That's a beautiful story, FromWithin. Best wishes to your family. ............................

Thank you, the same to you and your family........................................

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Here is my gloat:

They do a test every year to gauge kids on the autism spectrum based on certain criteria. It's graded on a scale of 1 to 100, anything over 7 is considered to be on the spectrum. Last year my daughter scored a 41. This year, same test, she scored a 21!!

She is also the only child in kindergarten to count to 60 and count down from 20.

Q_Q So proud!!

excon(8029) Disputed
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Hello Mint:

Autistic kids tap into something special that ordinary kids can't.. I'd be proud too.. You've heard of Temple Grandin, haven't you???? She's a very special person..


Mint_tea(3498) Clarified
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I didn't recall the name until I looked her up, then I remembered my husband speaking about her to me a few months ago. Yes, she really is! I'm listening to her on TED talks right now.

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My wife is a teacher and often works with kids on the spectrum so we discuss this sometimes. Anyway, it sounds like your daughter is doing terrific and has some great talents.

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It takes a really special person to be a teacher to kids, good for your wife and thanks to her.

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I finally made up my mind not to marry. Because i envision my future plans and marriage is a hold back and will substract from the entire time calculated for the level of achievement. I don't want to destroy anyone's daughter's life in the quest for achievement.

There are enough children in the world to adopt or i could try artificial inserm....

Out of many kids adopted, at least there will be one with quite the same level of attraction towards my work and will like to continue what i am beginning.

Awards gallery for many generations to come.

That vision should be the love of my life.

It's pure love not money greed.

But money is a catalyst too, can't be undermined.

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I turned 55 and I got food poisoning but now I have a hard on so I have that going for me ;)

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Well!!! That's something. Ummm....happy birthday and good luck with the rest.

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I messed it up. I forgot the, "which is nice," part ;)