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What is a liberal?A psychopathic loser of the world. How do they live? Scamming the gov out of money. Are they rich or poor? Poor. DO they support Trump? NO. Why?He takes their EBT card and restricts what it can buy. How so? No more cigarettes,luxury foods (steak,top line fish,the usual rich person meal), any tobacco product. Why do libs not work to get all of that? Because they don't know what a honest days work really is. Why are they against guns? Because they can not afford the good guns so if they can not own the glock 17 no one can. 

This is directed at all those libs that actually have something mentioned on that list. This debate is meant to give everyone a breading ground to unleash hatred otherwise justified as freedom of speech at these ass holes that are against making America great again!
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What a tirade of mental retardation .

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Nathan, you really don't understand the liberal mindset, and with those blinders on, you never will.

NathanAllen(2227) Clarified
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LMAO yes I do. Their against just about every amendment but the 1st, 13,14,15, and the 19. They can careless about any other amendment they are trying to get the 2nd removed all together. And BTW I did say this debate was directed to most not all libs.

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And you are the one with blinders on, you see a perfect damn world with protest and world peace. World peace is not in any way possible and anyone who thinks it is, is a retard. The world needs wars to keep oil prices down. If everyone had access to every source of oil the price per the barrel would go up since the demand is high. I see what is possible in my life time and what is not. I see the media is turning the left and the right against each other. I see the media does not care for us their in it for the money hints why they show just about every so called race motivated crime. The media knows such things will spark liberals interest. The media knows any news on a major shooting will spark liberals interest for more gun control. If the media was for us they would show it once than it would over. The media makes money off of the amount of viewers they get. If their is something they can show they will.

The media is what everyone goes to when they dislike the way they are being treated by companies, hospitals, or anything. Why is that? Because the media twist things in the favor of the person who reported to them. The media is a bunch of scam artist that show actual news with a twist. They get paid to twist the news for the views.

I am not the one with blinders on. Protest do nothing but cause chaos which makes the news. Protest does nothing to change something. If you really want to change something than you go through the courts. The courts can actually make a difference protesting does nothing but pist people off.

I can see what the crime rates or in the states with some of the strictest gun laws their higher than most states with less gun control. Do you remember when the Las Vegas shooting happened? Did you know the liberal party was saying? They where saying horrible and un godly things. Their you go for some of the things said.

I see that some liberals care nothing for if Trump supporters live or die. Not saying that all Liberals are like that but their are some that are. I have not yet to see a Trump supporter that says they wish Hillary supporters dead or that they wish Liberals where dead.

EldonG(550) Disputed
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Well then, you definitely have some significant blinders on. I've seen hatred from both sides on that.

I don't do the hatred thing - it's a waste of energy. I don't even hate Trump, though he disgusts me - he's easily the worst liar I know of. If he's not pathological, I don't know who is.