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 Liberals have no moral foundation to hold on to, because to them everything is relative. (3)

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Liberals have no moral foundation to hold on to, because to them everything is relative.

Listen to this video because it will go a long way in shedding light on the Left's constant double standards...

In a world of relativism, whereby there is no set right or wrong, Liberals have tried to push a Progressive ideology whereby only they can lay claim to an absolute rightness to their ideals, and a wrongness to Conservatives ideals. Until of course they change the rules.

Remember when the Progressive Left hated the notion of TV Censorship back in the 60's? A little while later they pushed for censorship of voluntary Nativity Scenes on Public land. So I guess censorship is ok as long as it censors things that Liberals do not like, such as the freedom of religious expression, displaying a Nativity Scene during holidays if the community voted to do so. It never had anything to do with a Theocracy whereby a big Governments forces all communities to display Nativity Scenes. Total deception from the Left.
What happened to their ideals? 

Remember when Liberals were big on free speech no matter if some were offended? Look at this Political Correct madness whereby the Left will destroy you if you say anything that might possibly be construed as being degrading to women, etc. etc.?
What happened to their ideals?

Remember when Liberals were big on our freedoms to disagree? The freedom of private businesses to refuse certain events that might go against their faith or conscience, the freedom of States to have their own distinct laws regardless if other's disagreed. I guess the people in these States who did not want to change their marriage laws now have no rights to disagree.
I guess these States who want to protect our innocent unborn lives have no right to do so without Liberals taking them to court, boycotting them, etc. etc.
What happened to their ideals?

Without God, mankind has no moral foundation to keep them from shifting in the sand. They will change with the Political correct times whereby NOTHING is sacred. Whether it be an innocent viable life, a parent who wants to protect their children from LGBT indoctrination, an entire State of people who want to protect the foundation of a marriage between a man and woman, a private businessmen having the freedom to say no to events that go against his faith or conscience, etc.

Can you imagine what the world will look like 100 years from now? This Progressive movement it showing just how dictatorships can form. It all starts out so innocent, until people no longer agree. Then, the Big Brother Gestapo comes after you! If you do not bow to the Political correct Big Government Left, you will be punished, all in the name of so called tolerance.
Tolerance afforded only those chosen few groups who support the Collective. Just like in the movies.
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So if everything is relative, there will always be some extreme group out there who rationalizes how killing even viable unborn babies is a good thing, right? That extreme group is the Democrat Party!

Without absolutes, even innocent viable lives can be stripped of their freedoms of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

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What about atheist liberals who are not moral relativists ?

FromWithin(7465) Clarified
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Most Liberals are Atheists. Some will identify as Christians, but not like those "Bible" believing Christians... eeewww

These so called Liberal Christians are like a man made cult whereby they pick and choose which parts of the Bible they will follow. If it does not fit into their Political correct dogma, then they deny it. It's as fake as the news.

I guess I don't understand your question. So far, I have not met a Liberal whose relativism has not in some way supported the double standards listed in the video.

Amarel(4969) Clarified
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I’m asking about liberal atheists that are moral objectivists, rather than relativists. They believe that right and wrong is not a matter of opinion or culture, but a matter of fact. They also do not believe in god. Sam Harris is an example of this.