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brontoraptor(17881) pic

Liberals put giant inflatable Trump chicken outside the Whitehouse


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Who cares

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Hello bront:

So, you aren't the only one who likes pretty pictures.


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outlaw60(11723) Clarified
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LMAO CON can you just imagine if a Inflatable Pig had been flown outside the White House when "GirlyBoy" Obama was there the Left would have lost what little mind they have left !

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excon(6326) Disputed
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Hello poochy boy:

I CAN.. I LOVE the freedom to demonstrate.. I LOVE the Constitution.. I LOVE the 1st Amendment...

What???? You don't??? DUDE!!


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I don't really care.

But in secret I bet it really pisses Trump off that he can't just arrest them for it, and that part amuses me. And that's not a liberal vs conservative thing, that's a freedom vs the authoritarian thing.

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BellaSmella(171) Disputed
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An authoritarian would have used force to shut them down and applied obscure laws on how close one can protest, riot, demonstrate in relation to the Whitehouse. Notice how that never happens.

I've seen 7 arguments on this site of Trump being authoritarian/using hate speech. I've also found examples of Obama and Clinton using the exact same language in the exact same scenarios. It's odd how saying "we will completely obliterate them" is not authoritarian coming from the mouth of a black man or a woman.

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outlaw60(11723) Clarified
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Boy from Boston if an Inflatable Pig had been flown outside the White House when Obama was in power the Left and the Leftist Media would have been crying Racism ! You Leftist are truly transparent and you can't help but show it !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I thought that was pretty hysterical. They have the right. Hopefully he'll be the type of President to just shrug and laugh it of....f..........................

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