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Libs don't HATE Islam like right wingers do, so they SAY we SUPPORT Islam. Is that nuts?

It IS nuts

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Right wingers are NUTS

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Those to the right of the political spectrum are more inclined to ''stand up and be counted' and let all or any potential enemies exactly where they stand.

They have also learned from history that while tolerance is a virtue, appeasement is fraught with dangers and can be misinterpreted by those with opposing views as weakness.

Any display of weakness can embolden the opposition and encourage them to take liberties and try to establish their views through aggression.

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CON you Progressives will defend one religion that is Islam and those that practice that religion oppose all the views of the Progressives so it is simply said yes you Progressives are NUTS !

Here are the 10 countries where homosexuality may be punishable by death:

Yemen: According to the 1994 penal code, married men can be sentenced to death by stoning for homosexual intercourse. Unmarried men face whipping or one year in prison. Women face up to seven years in prison.

Iran: In accordance with sharia law, homosexual intercourse between men can be punished by death, and men can be flogged for lesser acts such as kissing. Women may be flogged.

Mauritania: Muslim men engaging in homosexual sex can be stoned to death, according to a 1984 law, though none have been executed so far. Women face prison.

Nigeria: Federal law classifies homosexual behavior as a felony punishable by imprisonment, but several states have adopted sharia law and imposed a death penalty for men. A law signed in early January makes it illegal for gay people countrywide to hold a meeting or form clubs.

Qatar: Sharia law in Qatar applies only to Muslims, who can be put to death for extramarital sex, regardless of sexual orientation.

Saudi Arabia: Under the country’s interpretation of sharia law, a married man engaging in sodomy or any non-Muslim who commits sodomy with a Muslim can be stoned to death. All sex outside of marriage is illegal.

Afghanistan: The Afghan Penal Code does not refer to homosexual acts, but Article 130 of the Constitution allows recourse to be made to sharia law, which prohibits same-sex sexual activity in general. Afghanistan’s sharia law criminalizes same-sex sexual acts with a maximum of the death penalty. No known cases of death sentences have been meted out since the end of Taliban rule in 2001.

Somalia: The penal code stipulates prison, but in some southern regions, Islamic courts have imposed sharia law and the death penalty.

Sudan: Three-time offenders under the sodomy law can be put to death; first and second convictions result in flogging and imprisonment. Southern parts of the country have adopted more lenient laws.

United Arab Emirates: Lawyers in the country and other experts disagree on whether federal law prescribes the death penalty for consensual homosexual sex or only for rape. In a recent Amnesty International report, the organization said it was not aware of any death sentences for homosexual acts. All sexual acts outside of marriage are banned.

Deny the facts that the only religion Progressives do support opposes the Progressives view on homosexuals !

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Yup... DEM Right wingers is STOOPID, EBIL, ands wants peoples to dies in dem streets.

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You don't have to "hate Islam". Just quit demanding we bring in groups that are commanded to kill us and slaughter our children and have been, and then looking at us like bigots when we don't particularly want to be set on fire, drowned in cages, beheaded, raped, taken as sex slaves, have our marathons bombed, have our theaters shot to bits, have our buildings destroyed, have to put an "anti terrorism wall" around the Eiffel Tower, have our children's schools blasted to bits with military grade weapons, or our airports and airplanes to be targets for takeovers and bombs. The part that's nuts is that the left can find no logic in preventing our enemies from killing us or our children. That is insanity and seemingly self hatred that is beyond the pale. How about loving yourself and your own countrymen enough to not sacrifice them to the dumpster fire that happens to every country that Islam migrates to? How about calling a spade a spade? How about telling the truth instead of retreating to "political correctness", which is only a tool to silence the people from talking about realities that the governing bodies of the West don't want you talking about? How about standing beside your countrymen like Eastern Europe is trying to do? How about not watching your nations turn into third world hell holes like Western Europe is doing?

Why would we purposefully bring in groups that make us have to up security and anti terrorism measures? What the hell for? Because we are idiots? Please, explain this to us. I'd love to know the logic.

Enlighten us Con. When you were in Vietnam, did you shoot your own fellow soldiers? Did you allow those who had commands to kill your fellow soldiers into your camps? Why not?

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We have a Constitution, THAT is what we support! We DO NOT support "radicals" from ANY religion, though we defend their right to speak and do whatever is WITHIN THE LAW. Unlike 45 who doesn't give a damn about THE law ... only his own interpretation of what the law should BE, whom the law should cover and who has rights and who doesn't! But I digress....

We defended the rights of radical Christians, Jim Jones, David Koresh, Jimmy Swaggart(sp?), etc., UNTIL THEY BROKE THAT LAW! Same with Islam, no difference. That "piece of paper" means something to U.S.! Sorry, we can't follow "The world according to Trump"! It is turning out to be CHAOS! The Constitution (and the country) are in jeopardy! Be proud, right wingers, YOU are undoing America, not making it great! THAT is what, and WHO, are "NUTS"!

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So... Islam is commanded to kill us in the Quran, so we right wingers say "protect against enemies foreign and abroad". The left ignore the word "foreign. We want to hold onto our ability to defend ourselves. Your clan wants a gunless nation, which is anti second amendment. We aren't setting things on fire. We aren't destroying random buildings. We aren't using violence to shut down speeches. We aren't destroying and setting statues of Abraham Lincoln on fire. We aren't setting the flag on fire. We aren't taking a knee at the National Anthem. That's your clan. Do you ever listen to what you are really saying?

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Quantumhead(730) Disputed
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So... Islam is commanded to kill us in the Quran

At least Muslims are honest, bronto. At least they don't operate under the most absurd double standards imaginable. Your own Bible commands you to kill everyone from homosexuals to impertinent children, yet here you are yet again attacking Muslims, with not a bad word to say about Christianity or the MILLIONS of lives it has taken.

You use the word "terrorist" only when it is preceded by the word "Muslim", and happily ignore the fifty years of Christian terrorism we suffered in the UK, while Irish Protestants and Irish Catholics waged war with one another.

We want to hold onto our ability to defend ourselves.

You want the ability to use false language and nothing more. Weapons are for attacking people with. But it is not polite to say that you want to own weapons so you can attack people, is it? Instead you swap the word "attack" for "defend" and hope that people are too stupid to notice the difference. You are dishonest, ruthless, stupid and, above all, quite quite mad.

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AlofRI(1865) Disputed
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I'd love to ignore you, but, you make it difficult with your alternate facts. The "left" doesn't ignore the word "foreign" and we also want to hold onto our ability to defend ourselves. We DO NOT WANT a gunless nation and we are NOT against the Second Amendment, we are all for a "well regulated militia" (the National Guard), to protect U.S.! We are against making it easy for a "basket of deplorables" to arm themselves with assault weapons to kill Americans ... which is the ONLY reason (other than hubris), to NEED one! "WE" aren't setting things on fire, a bunch of idiots "ON BOTH SIDES" do those things. You HAVE destroyed random buildings, you HAVE shut down speeches, (the bunch of idiots on YOUR side). We BOTH have our idiots! We would NOT set statues of Abraham Lincoln on fire, if someone did I would expect that was someone who was defending Lee, or Jackson, or Davis, wouldn't you? (probably not, it wouldn't fit your twisted picture of the "left" .. it wouldn't fit our picture of ourselves, either.

"Taking a Knee" is an individual choice, not a "left wing movement". It isn't being done as an act against America or the National Anthem, it is being done as an act against what is being DONE to America, and its people, it's being done as an expression of the First Amendment in DEFENCE of America and its people .. and its Constitution! That's our clan! Do YOU ever really listen to what THE PEOPLE are saying? (Not just the BOD!) We'll keep the Second, as intended. YOU can't have the FIRST for your own use!

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dadman(1471) Disputed
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We defended the rights of radical Christians, Jim Jones, David Koresh ......

um, Jim Jones, David Koresh were not Christians .... sorry, don't know bout Koresh, but Jim Jones was an atheist

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AlofRI(1865) Clarified
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Its funny, what constitutes a Christian, Catholics worship Christ as much as anyone, yet they're not "Christians", just one example ... there are several (many?) cults that consider themselves Christians, and several (many?) other groups that say they are NOT! Just another point against the Christian religion, nobody can agree who to worship! I think some are even considering worshipping TRUMP!

Great! If Jim Jones is considered an Atheist by some, he's a great example of why you should NOT use the term "Atheist" as a "GROUP term", since almost any Atheist would disavow anything he stood for!

To my mind, anyone who worships "Christ" is a "CHRIST"ian! If you don't feel that way, you shouldn't be considering anyone who DOESN'T believe in Christ, or God, as a member of a particular group. There are many "groups ... cults" in religion that worship "God" OR "Christ", that don't agree with OTHER cults that worship God or Christ. You say they are NOT "Christians", I can say these other "crazies" are NOT Atheists.

I can't group all "God"or "Christ" loving people together, why should YOU be able to group all "Atheists" together ???

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What is "Nuts" is a failure to understand that there are hundreds of belief systems under the banner of Islam!

Some wish to cooperate in world affairs, and accept all religious belief as in Dubai, UAE.

Others wish to Control Islam, and to direct worship and Sharia as in Saudi Arabia.

Indonesia, the largest Muslim population, wants all to live as brothers.

There are groups who wish to dominate the world, such as ISIS, Al Queada, Al Shabab, who are willing to slaughter innocents to promote their cause.

Still others wish to Dominate all of Islam, as the true faith, and will kill any who disagree, IRAN.

So to LABEL a group as Hating Islam, is just plain STUPID. For a group to support Islam in all it's forms, is just plain stupid!

We need to accept the WORLD, on it's own terms, and stop fantasizing about who hates who, and who is right or wrong.

It doesn't take a wise man to accept those who wish to make a better world, regardless of their belief system, and it is not hate to want to stop the slaughter of innocents, regardless of their faith or color or location!

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Quantumhead(730) Disputed
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What is "Nuts" is a failure to understand that there are hundreds of belief systems under the banner of Islam!

Exactly the same applies to Christianity. Most of the people attacking Islam happen to be pious Conservative Christians from the American Bible belt and they all seem to be monumental hypocrites.

Some wish to cooperate in world affairs, and accept all religious belief as in Dubai, UAE.

Most Muslims who live in developed areas want this. You have to be careful not to be fooled by the lies of the far right, who will point to non-developed Muslim nations in Asia as "proof" that Islam is evil. What they are careful not to point out are the non-developed Christian nations in Africa which have even worse human rights records than the underdeveloped Muslim nations. The Rwandan Genocide was a Christian genocide, but oh how keen the far right is to forget this.

The bottom line is simple. The far right are liars. Development is the difference between behaviours seen as "good" and "evil", not Islam. In developed nations Muslims and Christians live side by side. The far right tries exactly the same lies when trying to provide a basis for their hatred toward blacks and ethnic minorities.

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EXPAT(10) Disputed
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Try to stay on subject! What Christian sects do is another subject!

I stated facts not opinions. You jump all over a subject and never address the point that there are many different Muslim groups. Some slaughter innocents.

Fact is most Muslims are killed by Muslims. There is nothing Right OR Left about that!

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Exactly the same applies to Christianity. Most of the people attacking Islam happen to be pious Conservative Christians from the American Bible belt and they all seem to be monumental hypocrites.

You literally condemn Christianity, then defend Islam, despite it's being more homophobic, more misogynistic, and even more dogmatic than the religion you hate so much. You've redefined the word hypocrite.

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