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Lil Wayne or Eminem

Me and my friend are arguing about who has more fans. Tell us what you think and try to convince me or my friend.


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Lil Wayne

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I agree that eminem is better, his raps have more meaning and honestly are real. Unlike lil wayne, His raps are good.. But honestly no one wants to be listing about hoes and drugs all the time :)

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Eminem. Is the fucking shit.... comparing lil Wayne to eminem is like comparing hello kitty to a lion

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lil wayne is cool but eminem is better. hands down. more soul-meaning

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emenim is better superman is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by emenim

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emnienm eminem eminem is so better than lil wayne but I haft to give lil wayn credit

for the song called ( drop the world on your head )

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lil wayne is clever, but so is eminem.

But where lil wayne has fallen off, which his fans has to admit he has with his more recent songs, eminem is still going strong.

Em just writes with more meaing and you can see his tortured past in what he writes. All Lil wayne has been rapping about lately is his many sexcapades with women, which force me to believe they aren't true. but that's a different argument. :P

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Eminem is so profound. I identify with him, except for the bad mother thing. It is my father who was abusive.

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Eminem is the King of Rap. Eminem even won an Oscar. No one can compete with Eminem.

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wayne is better...dont get me wrong.. eminem has mad rhymes and knows what hes doing.. but wayne just has more mind,,

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I think lil wayne has more fans though, he has been around since he was 10, and he has a record label with fans from the people he signed.

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