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Little Kids Swimming Naked At Nude Beach

Do you think that little kids should be aloud on nude beachs?

And do you think that they should be aloud to swim naked on them?

Should they choose or parents choose?


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i say that they should if they want to cmon its usa witch is the home of the free and if they dont want to then they dont want to it aint like people are going to force you run around naked vice versa

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Why should we teach young children to be ashamed of their bodies and disgusted with what people look like? Being naked isn't the same as having sex.

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Well if you treat your child like a infant all the time he/she will not know how to

handle themselves in the real world. People swim nude in the real world and kids will see nude adults in the real world. Some people run nude on to sporting events fields. like foot ball and run nude all around the field til cops get them. So every child not is comfortable swimming nude should be allowed to do so. We have the 1 body and there is the one we are born into and we where born nude so I do not see why we can't swim nude.

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Chances are if they are on a nude beach their parents are nudists and they are naked all the time anyway.

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I don't think its wrong if it's okay with there parents and themselves. The only precaution I'd take is keep them close to me to make sure they're not photographed, molested, etc.

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Is it safe to wear a suit of meat while walking through the jungle?

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It is not ok for a little kid to be at a nude beach or for them to swim naked at them. The kids may be exposed to stuff that they should not see, such as sex' and parts they should not see untill they are older. If it was a little kid nude beach the answer would be still NO!

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coolchrisb(5) Disputed
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They'll eventually see it for themselves so I don't think its wrong. Anyway I'm a naturalist and let my kids do it. They're fine. They also don't judge people on the state of there looks. It's also helped there self esteem. If anything it's helped them in life. I do agree on the sex part though. I always scope out the place before we go.

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