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Cripple for 200 years Super fit for 20 years
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Live for 200 years as a cripple VS 20 years super fit

Would you rather live in a limited body (a cripple in a wheelchair) for 200 years or live life in a fit and able body for 20? Quality or quantity?

Cripple for 200 years

Side Score: 5

Super fit for 20 years

Side Score: 5
2 points

I'd pick this just for the fact that it's 200 years you can learn. You can advance your knowledge and probably get a lot done for the world in that time.

| Side: Cripple for 200 years
2 points

I'd be fine in a wheelchair for two centuries, just so long as I've use of my eyes and memory; I wouldn't want to age as is the custom for others of my species. I'd probably spend most of the time pent up in an old library; perhaps the Bodleian would let me in if I could prove my worth? Imagine: two centuries and an almost limitless supply of scholarly works! Heaven on earth!

| Side: Cripple for 200 years
1 point

Well Stephen Hawkings can manage it while giving great intellectual insights to the world so I believe that being a cripple does not impede any intellectual progress one could make in that time.

| Side: Cripple for 200 years
2 points

I would rather be super fit for 20 years and be healthy. I don't really want to be stuck in a wheelchair for 200 years. That would be really horrible if someone was in a wheelchair for the rest of your life. I feel bad already for those people who are stuck in a wheel chair and can't walk.

| Side: Super fit for 20 years

20 FULL years of being super fit would be much better than being cripple. Being cripple would be 200 years of MISERY.

| Side: Super fit for 20 years
1 point

why would i want to live crippled for 200 years? You wouldn't be able to have sex or do anything fun(like swim, or go to six flags, or try new things like skydive,ect.). I would rather live 20 years fit and have the time of my life, than live for 200 years and just sit around and watch movies, or read, and not be able to actually play with my kids.

| Side: Super fit for 20 years
1 point

Do you really wanna sit on a wheelchair for 200 years?

that's just ridiculous. by being super fit, you can do whatever you like.... (good and useful things for sure)

and sitting on a wheelchair for 200 years isn't likely to be a good option to live this life. YOU CAN ONLY SIT!!! AND DO NOTHING!!! it's gonna be a very very boring life for us...and also useless. I'd rather being an animal than a cripple for 2 centuries :D

| Side: Super fit for 20 years

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