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Lizzie is a fake!

I posted this argument on her "Lizzie has two accounts" debate. Figured I'd also post it here so that everyone can see it...

Well... here's the evidence. Lizzie Walker isn't your real name. Actually... your name isn't even Lizzie. You have a sister named Lizzie (Dub4Laura), but your real name is Laura... well, at least the girl in the picture is named Laura. I don't want to post this girl's last name... but I can assure everyone that it is not Walker. Hey, remember how Lizzie said she lives in Florida. Nope, it's St. louis!  But guess what!? There is a person on this site who's last name is Walker... Danny Walker aka Danny2TheMax. It's probably not his real name, but it is one he uses often. What do Danny Walker and LizziexLaura have in common? Well... they both LOVE tennis! Hey, want to know a famous tennis player Danny2TheMax likes!? Well, I'll give you a hint... his last name is Nestor... or is that his first name? Well, either way he has the same name as none other than Lizzie's bitchy sister... Abby Nestor. Anyone ever notice how Lizzie and Abby look nothing alike? That's because they aren't sisters. Guess who the real Lizzie (Laura) is friends with! OddHannah, everyones favorite expert in Christianity... or is she? Now, let me tell everyone about a pothead with the tendency to say 'dude'. Yep, that's right... Azra. Now her name isn't fake... but she is, at least on this site she is. Remember how Azra is apparently Bosnian and says she struggles with English? Well, she's all over Google. Type in her name and the first picture you'll see is her user pic along with Myspace and then a Twitter account. But she also has a Youtube video of herself explaining an experiment in her chemistry class... and what would you expect to find from this Bosnian who "can't speak much English"? An accent! She has NO accent in the video whatsoever... and she doesn't say 'dude' at all, nor does she type it on her Twitter account. Now here's something really suprising... from what I could find looking at her Twitter page, all fingers point to Azra having a BOYFRIEND! A lesbian with a boyfriend... how can that be... and better yet, what about her supposed girlfriend HannahPomPom? Well, they do seem to be friends in real life... but there is a ridiculous flaw in Hannah's CD profile... she spelled her very own last name WRONG! It's one letter off... but let's be honest... nobody spells their last name wrong, considering they've had their ENTIRE lives to practice it!  Now what do every single one of these girls have in common? Well a few things. They all are "in college", they all use 'real' photographs, but most importantly... they all have a common follower on Twitter... Danny2TheMax. That can pretty much cancel out our newest female member, who happens to have a 'real' photo and be "in college" as well... RoamingRhodi. So what does this all mean? It means that almost every single female user who has an actual photo as their user pic is all the same person... Danny2TheMax... a guy. All along we've been thinking these were attractive girls who liked to debate and come up with "the CreateDebate couples"... but in reality, they were all controlled by one guy, who is using these girl's photos and names without their  permission. There's the evidence. If anybody wants proof, they can message me. 

Danny... time to stop playing games and move on.

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I TOLD YOU ALL SO! Okay, it's out of my system now.

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I could tell you were serious when I saw you accusing lizzie of multi accounts.

lizzie was nice so It was weird when i noticed you were so serious about it.

you maybe selfish, but you aren't dumb

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Thank you... wait? Selfish? Well... yeah that's true.

Wait what?

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Sorry, did I sneeze?

Why not contact the real people and let them know what's going on? More drama. ;)

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If you have a Twitter... be my guest. Maybe Andy would be interested in doing it.

How did it happen?

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That's why you don't get boners for "girls" online if you've only ever seen a picture. ^^

Kenleyso(235) Disputed
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This is semi-true. I can explain all if you wish for me to do so.

Please do. I am not trying to be associated with you or them.

1 point

You've offered to explain so come on fess up, what's the crack?

I will post a separate debate so everybody can see

Sitara(11088) Disputed
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You rat fucking bastard son of a bitch, how fucking dare you mess with my lil bro! I give not one single fuck about your reason, and I hope you shove that reason right up your ass, you lousy retard fuck!

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Now, there's the response I was expecting from you. LOL I second your dispute.

2 points

What the heck is going on?

Jc41218(1560) Disputed
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"She" is danny2themax's friend and he admitted it case closed. Look at lizziexlaura recent activity.

Srom(12197) Disputed
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I don't believe you at all.

What happened?

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There was these group of people that came onto this site and there names were LizziexLaura, AbbyNestor, OddHannah, Azra, xxRhiannonxx, RoamingRhondi, and HannahPomPom, and Dub4Laura was all being controlled by this one guy. He was basically making us think that they were actual real life girls because they put up their own profile pictures. I believed they were real and I didn't really know they were fake until Danny2theMax announced that he was the one behind all of the accounts and his friends were too but GuitarGuy was the one that investigated everything and confirmed that those accounts were fake and they weren't real actual people.

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Wel done scooby doo .

1 point

Waw. Just waw.

How many Personalities.

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Danny2TheMax's alternate profiles:








I also have reason to believe he is PhotonDragon as well.

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Wait why am I being included on here? Is it because I like tennis too?

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but Lizzie seems real. i can't say anything about the others though. :/

1 point

Yeah... she seems real, but I now know her real name and her real personality. Does the Lizzie you know have a boyfriend? The real one does. Would the Lizzie you know crowd surf at an Awolnation concert? The real one did.

The fact of the matter is that there is a guy pretending to be Lizzie.

1 point

i can't say about the others but i think we should hear Lizzie's side. :/ maybe she is real. i really hope she is. and i hope she has a good explanation for your theory.

i still can't register all of this. :/

1 point

Srom is going to be gutted. :/ He fell in love with a man.

2 points

He fell for the photo. We'll leave it at that. He isn't the only one who thought Lizzie was real.

Damn Internet liers,does that mean I should talk to blokes and hope they are hot chics,or just talk to the mentally ill woman.

Nowadays, some people like to use these things called paragraphs. You might look into them.

1 point

Yeah, I usually do. I just wanted to post this so much that I didn't care. It's the message that is important.

But is it really true? I mean, Lizzie can just come here and say it's not true, and everyone except you and Hellno will believe her.

1 point

She admitted it I think she went rogue look at her profile page.

1 point

"She" is danny2themax's friend and he admitted it case closed.

1 point

but everyone likes lizzie and she really seems to be real...

Good try, but Oddhannah In real life has a sister named xxRhiannonxx or whatever who is actually on the site and profile pic hasn't been changed. Guys this is a hacker, he is having the time of his life mindfucking you guys. Anytime is say anything about this just being a hacker, the debate disappears. This is a hacker! Now watch him hack xxRhiannoxx or this disappear :)

1 point

Look at Lizzie's recent activity! She admitted it. He even admitted to being OddHannah...

trumpet_guy(502) Clarified
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Why not.mention the other sister though? I mean they could still not be real, but why did my debate dissappear?

Good to know, but am I the only one who is a little weirded out by e lengths you went to prove this.

1 point

See. Something is up.

1 point

What's up? I've been saying all along that all five of those accounts were the same person... and to be honest, I thought it was pretty damn obvious so I don't know why the rest of you didn't notice it... just sayin'.

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Am I the only one who is a little weirded out that all these "girls" were one guy? I wanted to prove that Lizzie and friends were fake, and I did.

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Still doesn't explain where the pictures came from!

1 point

Danny had better hope I never find him! >:(

Holy crap, that's a sad life.

this is just stupid so wahts next of couser lizzie is fakee

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Next, I get to figure out who YOU are!

RandomDude(1287) Disputed
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I don't give out my real name

-1 points