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Lord of the Rings VS A Song of Ice and Fire AKA Game of Thrones


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LOTR because I dont have dont have to watch incests every two minutes .

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NicolasCage(506) Clarified
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Have you actually read or watched any of GOT?


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cruzaders(341) Clarified
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Yeah, but I didnt finish it, I didnt find it very interesting

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This is tough. I like them both but I think Lord of the Rings is a bit better.

Each world is rich in it's history and mythos and each one has characters that elicit an emotion but for now I think LoTR edges GoT out.

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I think both are great, overall, but I have to say I am more fond of LOTR, though both have a great plot line, well-written characters, and just a great story overall.

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This is tricky. Personally? I far prefer Game of Thrones, as I find the political intrigue and more historical, gritty focus much more appealing.

However, I don't deny that LOTR is the greatest fantasy series of all time. It revolutionised the genre, and brought brand new concepts to the table which has inspired fantasy media ever since.

I'd much rather sit down and read/watch GOT than LOTR, but that's a personal preference.

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