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 Maj Toure founded "Black Guns Matter" and is trying to get the message to inner cities... (5)

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Maj Toure founded "Black Guns Matter" and is trying to get the message to inner cities...

This guy seems to have a lot of common sense when it comes to issues concerning guns and such. He was interviewed and answered a lot of questions, one being whether he thinks Trump is a racist, etc. etc.

He understands that it is not the weapon doing the killing, but the person behind it. He wants to stop White Democrats from telling him and other Blacks that they can not control themselves when around a gun. He calls that very condescending as well as racist. He is correct!

He asked the questionnaire... what racist thing did Trump say. He said if you show me something Trump has said or done to be considered a racist, then I will believe it. He said he heard what Trump had said about General Lee, and that it was taken all out of context by the news networks.

He wants honest law abiding citizens to be allowed to have guns for protection in inner cities, but that Democrats are trying to prevent this.
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It actually does seem like innocent black people living in the inner cities would need guns even more than the average American.

Yes, and he mentioned where people were in jail for simply having a gun and not committing a crime.

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We are the generation in history that will have to defend freedom against tyranny pretending to be freedom...

And if we are to go down in flames, we shall all go down together.

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I love it when Black men are not brainwashed by the Democrat Party, and speak out on behalf of our freedoms.