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Man Machines
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Man vs Machines

I want to get the details of which one is better, man or machines?


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It's too early to tell. But organic life has kept going on the planet for eons whereas inorganic life is just an early blip on the radar. And even though machines may be created to have far grander capabilities than people it is still primarily people who design and build them.

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Machines aren't capable of ideas. They are slaves to a chain of programming which can only be written by man. I think the question of man vs machine is a false equivalence. Machines are a product of man and so should be seen as an extension of man rather than as a rival.

That said, machines are considerably better and more precise at the menial tasks we program them for.

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Man has consciousness, whereas as far as we can tell machines don't. By that fact alone man is superior because consciousness is the only reason anything has any significance. A reality populated solely by unconscious machines may as well not exist because nothing that happened would matter.

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A machine doesn't have creativity and thinking power(?). To create many things, man is better than machines that just do what people asked them

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Ultimately the machine is superior. If you have a scripter in a game (for instance a bot user in online poker) it's a huge issue because they will nonstop defeat an organic brain over long run as there consistently make the +EV moves with perfect vet sizing and calculation of odds and such.

That is not even deniable by the best poker players. If you are MMA fighter a bit would rip you limb from limb or even if you program it to not abuse it's hard metal being harder than bones, it still will outfight you by perfect spacial awareness and movement pattern observation of the opponent to causing be it to learn and adapt to the opponents' style at a rate superior to humans.

I know of course the aliens are far above human advancement and the original demigods are all knowing but it is important to note that goddess fate and the second layer of power demigods are all machine like in the first place.

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