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What is your view on Marijuana and it's effects?

For or against or neither?

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2 points

I believe that Marijuana is a gate way drug and should be used carefully.

I am all for it for medical purposes strictly. As I have a relative who owns over 150 acres and grows for the State of California and rakes in money.

It came be harmful, the human lungs were not built to be breathing smoke.

| Side: Medical Purpose Only
2 points

I know people who smoke it like cigarettes...they are unmotivated people. It should only be used for medicinal purposes.

Bohemian(3470) Disputed
2 points

It came be harmful, the human lungs were not built to be breathing smoke.

I don't think it's the state's decision to decide what is harmful for us. I don't think the government has a right to protect us from ourselves.

| Side: Completely Legalize
Sulith(507) Disputed
1 point

Ok I agree with you.

BUT smoke is harmful to your lungs. Nobody can deny that. Our lungs are created to intake smoke, they are for Nitrogen and Oxygen and push out Carbon Dioxide.

2 points

I don't believe that the U.S or the UK can justify cannabis being illegal whilst cigarettes and alcohol are legal for the simple fact that they are more damaging or harmful than cannabis. How can you justify legalizing alcohol that kills hundreds of thousands each year and making it illegal to smoke a drug that has had deaths only in the two figures for a period of ten years?

I agree...alcohol is much worse in the long run. Based on deaths alone....pot is better. But to say it has no affects on people......that its some wonder wrong.

saprophetic(385) Disputed
3 points

I don't think she said it was completely harmless, just that the law is inconsistent.

2 points

Forget the long run, it's worse in the short run. You can't directly die from cannabis. Alcohol poisoning is a frequent problem and causes many untimely deaths.

1 point

There has been very little evidence to suggest that smoking marijuana is harmful, even physically.

As well, there has been no hard evidence to suggest that marijuana is a gateway drug.

There has been, however, evidence to suggest that marijuana can decrease your chances of getting cancer. Smoking it for medical purposes only would be once you get cancer, but if you smoke it for recreational purposes, you could be decreasing your chance of getting cancer. As well, there is some evidence to suggest that cigarette smokers who also smoke weed slightly decrease their chance of getting lung cancer.

The point of all of this really is that while we don't know if marijuana truly is the "miracle" plant that stoners speak of, there really is no reason to think that it's bad for you.

| Side: Completely Legalize
churchmouse(327) Disputed
1 point

Breathing smoke into the lungs is bad, it is not healthy. It has been proven that pot does affect you physially and mentally. Gateway drug......??? Do most people that do drugs...did they smoke pot first? I think it might be a natural progression.

Could you site the source that says it decreases the chance of getting cancer, please.

ThePyg(6753) Disputed
3 points

Well, Sulith sited the cancer source, bohemian pointed out that correlation does not equate causation (a mass majority of people who die are found dead with their clothes on, therefore, clothes cause death), and catticus brought up how you don't even have to smoke marijuana (it can also be vaporized and eaten).

I guess what I should also point out, which I pointed out to Sulith, is that people who do hard drugs are the type of people who do drugs in general. Smoking weed didn't lead them into harder drugs. If weed never existed, they would have still have done those hard drugs. People who do hard drugs also drink alcohol and coffee. People who don't do hard drugs are straight edge or pot heads (because the omega stoners don't like drugs that are chemical or "unnatural".)

| Side: Completely Legalize
catticus90(359) Disputed
2 points

You don't have to smoke cannabis especially with tobacco. People eat it, that does no damage to lungs.

Bohemian(3470) Disputed
2 points

Do most people that do drugs...did they smoke pot first? I think it might be a natural progression.

And most people who abuse alcohol, did they start out drinking soda(pop)?

Correlation =/= Causation.

Sulith(507) Disputed
1 point

Although I agree with you that it is a gate way drug.

I smoked pot. Then tried shrooms. Then LSD. Then E. All in my younger years.

I didn't just pick up LSD and do it, I would've been perma-fried.

But here is a site that it reduces lung cancer and tumor growth.

1 point

There may be no hard evidence that it is a gateway drug.

But I know from personal experience and from watching people around me.

Other than that I completely agree with you.

| Side: Completely Legalize
2 points

Personal experience is not evidence, though. I've always wanted to do LSD and possibly ecstasy, but at the same time, had no interest in smoking pot. eventually, I just smoked pot. If I had not smoked weed, ever, though, I would have ended up trying LSD anyway.

But you might as well say that use of alcohol or tooth paste are gateways to harder drugs. I think a much better answer as to why many people who try hard drugs have also tried marijuana is because they are the type of people who like to try drugs.

| Side: Completely Legalize
0 points

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RandomDude(1473) Disputed
1 point

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