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Mark this as the day Trump finally jumped the shark

Trump just put the last straw on the camel's back this morning when he sent out a vicious tweet attacking highly respected Senator Kirsten Gillibrand in which he clearly insinuated that she would exchange sex for money.  Gillibrand had recently called upon Trump to resign due to the accusations of 19 women who claim that Trump has engaged in sexual misconduct against them.  Today Sarah Huckabee Sanders killed her carrier while defending Trump saying that anyone who interprets Trumps tweet to imply anything sexual has "their mind in the gutter".  
Mark this moment, Trump is done.
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Mark this moment, Trump is done.

Uh huh. We haven't heard this one before.

Women coincidentally come out of the woodwork just before the election (all by their own desire with no DNC elbow jabs). Trump is done.

His taxes! Trump is done.

Russian collusion! Trump is done!

Obstruction of Justice! Trump is done!

Back to women and sex. Trump is done. Rinse, wash, repeat.

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Liberals have been saying Trump is done for 11 months. He is still kicking. One accuser has already been verified as a phony.

EldonG(550) Clarified
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These are Trump's words. If you want to claim he's a phony, we're good.

Incidentally, investigations like this take time. Nixon was what...18 months?

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He said she would do anything for money, not the same thing.

Apparently, this is a statement based on personal experience of her begging him for money a few years ago.

Something politicians are known to do, by the way.

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Hello R:

The coalition of the decent has finally reared its head. If Trump doesn't start WW III, he'll wind up being the BEST thing that happened to us.. His kind of hatred and stupidity will be vanquished FOREVER.


TzarPepe(793) Clarified
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The only thing hateful and stupid is the endless waves of misinformation people like you spread about President Donald Trump.

While you are your ilk were so busy throwing as much shit against the wall to see what would stick, people like me were going to the source and finding out that ya'll have been lying consistently about President Donald Trump

I just want you to know that people like you are the reason President Donald Trump got elected. Your strategy backfired. Bask in it. Bathe in it. Rub it all over your bodice.