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In this thread, members are encouraged to find insightful excerpts from others and/or themselves and reproduce them on this page as a quote, citing the authors name.  Further, discussion around interesting quotes is recommended as well.
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"Colleges want you to look different but think the same."


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"The disregard for the Constitution is standardized and accepted. Lying is part and parcel of politicking. Bribery is too, but they don’t call it that."


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"Most people are dumb fucks, so if you agree with the majority that means you are an idiot in most cases. This is not an opinion, it is a fact. When are "most people" ever right about anything? The answer is almost never, because insanity is the norm and logic is extremely rare among the human species."


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"I have no control over past events, all I can do is raise my children to be better than it by example. White people also fought to free slaves and while that doesn't excuse past atrocities, and pointing out that just about every culture and race has been a slave in the past doesn't make it any less egregious, I will not take responsibility for something I had no control over. Racism comes in all shapes and colors, it's not a "whites only" event so how about we stop pretending like white Americans are the only one's capable of acting racist and start putting responsibility on those (of any color) that do presently."


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"Simply because evil exists in the world is not a sound reason to intentionally get tied up in it with no plan or hope of prevailing over it. People remove themselves from shadow in order to create safe havens of trusted networks that are able to maintain reasonable levels of peace & harmony while acknowledging and preparing for the worlds ills that will attempt to infiltrate them, attacking back as necessary."


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"It appears to have become commonplace in America to use the phrase "conspiracy theorist" as a form of blanket attack against anybody or anything which scrutinises or questions the status quo in any regard. In other words, if you question what you are told by political authority, you are to be mocked with this disparaging phrase and compared to people who believe Elvis is still alive."


HoneyPie7(73) Disputed
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The same nomenclature who calls anyone who disagrees with him a Nazi. He's a part of his own point.

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The same nomenclature who calls anyone who disagrees with him a Nazi.

Bronto is the same far right retard who lies about literally everything, has close to four hundred different user accounts, and then wonders why he gets called a Nazi. Since Bronto doesn't want to deal with the fact that he is a Nazi, whenever it is pointed out to him he pretends it is a blanket accusation against everybody. That's how stupid and dishonest this twat is. Call him a Nazi and he literally comes back with: why are you calling everybody Nazis bro?

Fuck off Bronto. You have the same belief system as Hitler. That's why you get called a Nazi. You creep into threads with burner accounts and make false, offensive remarks about other users because the only thing you believe in is hate.

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"Why is it those on the Left do not fear a corrupt Government controlling the people?

We see it every day. Politicians lieing to us, making laws behind closed doors, not allowing the people to even know what's in the bill before it is passed and then after it is passed, Pelosi telling us we will then find out what's in it. Why is it Democrats were not outraged by Obamacare and all the lies...Now knowing all this, why on earth do Democrats not fear bigger and bigger Government? "


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Nothing I say is notable.


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You know they don't really believe the crap deep down too. Otherwise all of these white kids at Yale and Harvard would donate their scholarships to minorities and step down. never happens...


................................................................................So nobody reads my shit?? xD

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"The fact that many of the finest ever in academia weren't the finest in their so called formal education proves how inefficient an idea it is to try to quantify intelligence through degrees. It doesn't take one much to observe that there is little to no actual emphasis on genuine learning and critical thinking in the larger scale. "


" ;) "


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"Bear in mind, the following are only basic principles. This is not a model for a government, nor do I mean to imply that there are not valid or important exceptions for implementation of some of the following principles.

- 1 - People are individuals, always and unmitigably.

- 2 - People are flawed as individuals, but we are generally worse as groups. This includes governments, so government should be designed to be weak.

- 3 - Maximum practical freedom must be the paramount aim of any political system. Without freedom, people cannot solve their own problems, or achieve their individual visions for their lives.

True, this means that safety MUST be much lower priority, even if it is number two on the list.

- 4 - To make freedom work, it is important that government does not protect individuals from the consequences of their own decisions and actions.

- 5 - Governments cannot be depended upon to address problems well, efficiently, cost-effectively, or without destroying lives and stealing freedom.

In general, government reactive activities should be limited to doing only those things that enforce the following principles.

-Nobody should be allowed to interfere with anyone else's person or property.

-Nobody should be allowed to create any involuntary obligation on anyone's part.

-Provided the preceding criteria are met, people must be able to do what they like on their own property, provided they pay for it themselves.

- 6 - Government proactive activities should be limited to doing only those things that both are impractical/impossible for people to do without government, and that affect EVERY person in the state/nation."


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Are you Castin on Debate Art?

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I have an account as xMathFanx, though I have not posted as of yet.

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Psssst Con... I'd take an electric fence, but not a racist electric no, anything but that. I'd take some turrets too, just not racist turrets. These nonracist turrets knock you down with sandbags regardless of skin color.



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Nothing I say is notable.

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