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Mingiwuwu Is A Sad, Vindictive Twat.

We all have the right to our privacy.

That means not being stalked by malicious little idiots desperate to find out our identity.

Get a life Mingi, you pathetic child.


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But Mein Alien

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Don't dish out threats if you cannot take someone preparing for you to act on them,


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Nom has never threatened you, like ever. .

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I firstly want people in his life to know what he posts online, the level of suicide encouragement, mouth-frothing antisemitism and abuse etc, but if we ignore that motive (which is not just vindictive, he is likely to severely hurt someone based on hate-speech motives that he's been preaching) there are direct threats spat out daily from him, some 'duh it's a joke' defence works, others are inexcusable.

From the past 24 hours alone he has dished out these threats: Pot meetkettleLeftistaccusesTrumpsupportersofbeingterrorsupporters#arg989578

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