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Mingiwuwu Is Fat And Juicy Like A Nice Pork Sandwich

He should be sacrificed as a feast to the Palestinians. Let them eat this evil baby murderer and then defecate him back into the Earth.

Grill The Fascist

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Walking Food Poisoning

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Avram do you LIMEY'S feed your MOOSLIME friends in LONDON them there PORK SANDWICHES ???????????????? ROTFFLMMFAO !!!!!!!!!

Side: Walking Food Poisoning
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Can Avram tell US what is the best PORK SANDWICH to feed the MOOSLIMES ??????

Is it SLICED PORK or CHOPPED PORK and what is the favorite bread choice for the MOOSLIME PORK SANDWICH !!!!!!!!!!!! LMMFAO !!!!!!!!!!!

Side: Walking Food Poisoning
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From death threats to encouraging terrorism of Hamas. That authorities are taking an interest in you.

Side: Walking Food Poisoning